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  1. 100% this I've seen some brilliant Rangers players over the years but Super will never be surpassed, my second favourite is Hateley.
  2. It's been a long time since we made a couple of multimillion pound signings in one day, don't even attempt to wake me up
  3. He's 35 now and going backwards, no doubt he'll still be influential but he's not the force he once was, they stick with him all season and it'll cost them the title
  4. The point still stands, a forward line of that value should be confident of scudding teams
  5. Probably not but not because Rangers aren't a big pull, I just don't believe another manager would've been given those type of funds, Gerrard is a huge name and I think the board realise if they want to exploit his name they have to match his ambition.
  6. For the past four year I've had blind optimism at this stage in the season, now I'm fully confident.
  7. I think we need to be hitting 85 points to give ourselves a fighting chance, the tims regularly get that figure.
  8. Unfortunately that'll be what he'll be remembered for, there's a direct correlation between him having no goals against them and having no winners medals.
  9. Gutted for the boy but in sll honesty I don't think Gerrard would select him if Helander and Goldson are fit, can see us getting an experienced loanee in to replace him.
  10. I totally understand that but we still made the othet proposals, we'd come across poorly if we then voted against the vast majority of thosr proposals, I'd love to see a B team in the lower leagues but as long as its only us and the tims doing it then it'll never happen.
  11. We made proposals, all but one are met, you very seldom get everything you ask for
  12. our proposal involved a 14 team top tier, save unfairly relegated clubs and promote the highland and lowland Champions, this proposal gives everything we asked for with the exception of B teams in the 4th tier, I think it's a fair compromise.
  13. BT won't be due too much, theiy only paid about £7m p/y for rights and must have shown approximately 25 games
  14. TBH I'd rather 14 than 12, that way we only play the diddy teams once a season at Ibrox which makes it more interesting, also two less league games gives us a bit more leeway in terms of Europe where i expect us to have at least 14 games a season minimum. It would also mean only going to souless grounds like Hsmilton, St Johnstone, County, once a year too unless they have a wild season.
  15. They don't need two no votes, they need 11 yes votes, abstaining is as goid as a no. I think we'd look extremely childish if we abstained or voted no, we ourselves proposed a format that would see a 14 team top tier, we haven't quite got the format we wanted but do have the opportunity to have a top tier with the specific numbet we asked for. My biggest concern about a 14 team league is we don't know what we're voting for, is it a 7/7 split or is it 6/8 split, we don't know how many guaranteed home games season ticket holders are paying for.
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