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  1. Thats fair enough, I dont go to the games as much anymore if I am being honest, but that is mostly due to the prices. It wont be long though until the teams has our players in it again, i think Strachan will pick Rangers players no problem, I was looking at current squad and it only has 4 of them in the squad, he picks a variety of different players from different clubs. I think if the players play well and show something on the pitch they have every chance of being in the Scottish set up.It will be better when our players are in the squad, its nice to cheer on your own. Dont get me wrong, I a
  2. Would everyone who doesn't support Scotland just now support again when we are up in the premier league and our players are getting picked? By the time these games come about, we will be up in the PL again, so every chance our best players could be in the Scotland team. I doubt we will get through to the world cup, with England and Slovakia who are currently topping their Euro group over Spain. But there is a good chance of getting into the euros through the play off, be good if all the home nations get in, there is every chance all 4 countries will qualify.
  3. I think our youth were good enough for div 3, gasporotto plays with canada, stoney plays with scotland u17. Tefler is doing well with utd and theres more.A few youths with experienced players in Div3 would have been a great education and by now they would have been playing a few seasons and be settled. But instead we sold and sent out on loan the kids and bought over priced players who don't give a fuck.
  4. Shocking incident! animals to do that to anyone, but makes it worse it was a kid. hope they catch the arsehole soon. someone on my Fb posted this http://www.gofundme.com/lagusk hopefully the full amount gets raised for the kid.
  5. Rip, he was danny stoneys uncle. Thoughts with whole family
  6. What do rangers first etc do with the cash they have receive? is it just to buy shares with the hope of having enough to have influence at some point?
  7. Good to see young players out on loan, they should get into the first team in those teams and hopefully ally gives them a chance in our first team when they get back, Stoney is a rangers man, has crest tattooed on his leg, be good to see him play for us, looks a good player, along with Gasparotto and others.
  8. we should have played the youth last season and given them that first team experience, players like stoney, who is a rangers man if u look at his twitter he has a rangers tattoo he would play for the shirt, thats the players we need, gasparotto.a well, there is a lot of youth playin well in their games but not given the chance. the last few years should have been used in my opinion to build a strong team around our best youths.
  9. I've been working, so just tuned in time for the equaliser any subs been made from the team that was posted
  10. I support Scotland and when we are back where we belong, there will be more rangers players in the team, so that will make it easier to support.
  11. I'd love a orange kit, but i think that scum tops a fake, like a fan made one but still doesn't meant we cant have a orange top!
  12. couldn't think of anything more inventive, i've never joined a forum before to be honest! thought id join in the fun
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