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  1. Absolutely shocked by this news. A crackin player who always gave per cent. Sincere condolences to Ians family and friends. RIP Ian Redford
  2. I felt exactly the same with Colin Stein and Jock also wee bud goin to west brom
  3. What a soft touch our club has become. Waddell, Wallace, Smith would have booted his arse down Edmiston Drive
  4. Absolute genius of a footballer. Greatest winger ive seen in a blue jersey and 100% true blue
  5. big Tam getting the winner in 73 cup final and Alec Millers volley at the piggery 1980. brilliant memories
  6. Andy Dibble Stewart Kennedy... Seriously though nobody comes close to Goram
  7. had this on my bedroom wall in early 70s. centenary poster from the evening citizen i think
  8. first post folks so please be gentle. these b@stards are just trying to continually rape us till theres nothing left to take. surely it cant be long till theyre finally told to get tae fck out of our beautiful beloved club. absolute NO SURRENDER to these parasites
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