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  1. He always seems to be nervous in interviews one thing we don't need in a manager
  2. It's what they told me , I'm just saying what happened.
  3. I remember years ago , somebody told me him and his mate were in central station when they saw Mccoist passing by , one shouted hi ally and he greeted them like long lost friends, they said he was just to nice, it was like a charm offensive.
  4. The classic cup final verses Dundee 1964, the attendance was 121000 probably more,I was in the mount Florida end, I have never seen that amount of Rangers supporters in a football ground before or since, even the celtic end was a sea of blue.
  5. Rangers supporters voting Labour or snp is like turkeys voting for Christmas.
  6. We had around seven hundred thousand members at it's height.
  7. Did Dave king not say a number of years ago , I don't care what the supporters think, maybe someone on here will remember.
  8. They are too thick to pick Robinson.
  9. good on them . its the only thing that will catch the boards attention
  10. My wife and I met him in Cyprus in a restaurant in 1994 , I said are you a bluenose John . He rolled up his sleeve and showed us a Rangers tattoo. and recited a Rangers poem . a real gentlemen.
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