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  1. He has to back him the rest of the fit centre backs are worse than Goldson.
  2. Halliday like many players in this squad is a part of the wider problem. A player nowhere near the quality required on thousands a week who can't compete for a first team place but keeps young talent off the bench. He gets looked upon favourably because of his support for us but that isn't good enough.
  3. Do you think dressing room harmony has improved leaving him out after that shameful display in the cup? What did it ultimately achieve?
  4. It's Gerrard's ego wanting to show he's capable of being a top manager and going toe to toe with top stars showing them who is boss but in reality all he did was cut his nose off to spite his face. It was a mistake a rookie manager would make but realistically we can't afford to be without our best player at a tough away ground in a really important game.
  5. Morelos has earned the right to preferential treatment over the course of the season. Without him Gerrard probably wouldn't even be in a job right now, so an extra 24 hours and missing a training session isn't really worth potentially sacrificing millions on his transfer fee and losing the only realistic shot at a trophy. We can't afford to leave our best player out in such a big match to soothe the manager's ego.
  6. I don't think missing this full preparation mattered at all given the team that went through it played so poorly you'd have thought they had never met before. Gerrard tried to act the big disciplinarian thinking we'd win and it and he'd look tough and experienced but it backfired spectacularly and now the season is basically over.
  7. Stupid decision from Gerrard to leave him out for missing this so called "full preparation" and one that probably cost us a shot at the only viable trophy. Without Morelos and his goals this season I'd dread to think where we would be in the league or Europe. Not playing him on Saturday was a massive mistake.
  8. But the counterargument is if these players were given a run of games who is to say Docherty, McCrorie, Jones or Polster wouldn't get settled and better like Barisic did and maybe add significant value to their transfer fee? Can Docherty, McCrorie and Jones on the bench be any worse to call on than the likes of Halliday, Barker and Ojo etc? Docherty is performing against teams we can't beat, Jones is actually a winger which Gerrard is pretending Aribo is and McCrorie or Polster could at least force Tavernier into some competition for a place. It won't be a silver bullet for the problems
  9. Why sub Lafferty when our tactic was to chuck high balls into the box?
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