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  1. Just sent a wee donation for our troops at Erskine .... and will take this opportunity to wish all RM members a very happy Xmas and a hopeful new year .... 🎅
  2. From their very inception Scotty mate ...... thieving monies from parishioners .... who were mostly poor ignorants .... for prayers that were never answered .... a disgusting sect riddled with corruption from top to bottom ..... emanating from Rome to become a disease as deadly as the recent Covid-19 virus and sadly the ruination of more lives than it will ever be able to count .... due to intervention from compliant and deceitful governments worldwide ..... including Scotland. The children of sexual abuse by these bastards ..... under the cover of their bastard church ..... will forever
  3. Barrie McKay is living proof that this statement is one of the funniest he has ever heard ..... and rates it up there with similar quotes from that intellectual giant and teammate Josh ... An omelette is is not the same as an egg ..... Windass ..... 🇬🇧
  4. One of the best posts ever mate ....... all one liners that describe the "Hibernians" to a T .... who suffer from all the evil traits the human race is subject to ...... you only forgot to say that this is all due to them ... to a man ... suffering from extreme self loathing .... they just can't help themselves in their pursuit of eternal victimhood. 🇬🇧
  5. ...... or just another form of ravioli ..... 🇬🇧
  6. No mate ..... that would be ..... Beastial TV ...... 🇬🇧
  7. Definitely the schools to blame there mate ...... he'll just have to reset his life now .... and resign himself to receiving stolen goods for a living .... this video is proof he has the tools needed ..... the world is his applepine. 🇬🇧
  8. I take my hat off to you BNB .... just being able to get up and out there every morning with this extremely nasty condition to contend with .... puts you and people like you in a much higher bracket ..... good on you girl. The bit in bold leads me to the conclusion of someone doing their best to overcome their difficulties ..... even though it is the hardest but surest route to take. This attribute is something that Griffiths clearly lacks .... as playing the victim allows him to choose the coward's path .... looking for misguided sympathy to ignore his condition ..... a sure sign o
  9. Much better to take the Queen's shilling ..... than to take the repulsive SNP republican penny .....
  10. ..... as I said mate ..... he may never leave .... 😎
  11. Well fuck me gently .... the world has definitely turned full circle now ..... this must be a Chinese missionary who has been sent over to darkest Glasgow .... to show that if he can go peacefully from Ibrox to Parkhead in opposing colours and not get into bother ..... then why can't we all just get along then ..... he best watch out at the scum dome as there is every chance ...... he may never leave .....
  12. Heard some talk about a tour of Japan mate ...... could just be a rumour though ....
  13. Fuck me ..... now I run out of likes .... LPB get's my vote GB .... and you get mine also for a wonderful gesture mate ..... RMEF ... forever.
  14. Bastards .... get everything for free so they do.
  15. You stupid stupid hag .... of course it's who you are ... you have just chosen to be blind to reality ... and are now trying to play the holier than thou card. Fuck you ... your club and your supporters for all you stand for.
  16. Diamond Tiger mate ... pure diamond .... I wonder what this alleged "thinking man" was actually thinking when he came up with that load of shite .... whatever the contextual excuse he pleads for putting it out there initially .... a thinking man might say it was actually a pretty dumb statement to make ..... but who are we to be questioning the superior mind that is .... the buster? ..... They say that two idiots can out-vote one genius ... sad but true ..... but when the majority out-vote one or two or even three idiots it is called democracy .... in the case of this thread I think
  17. We all heard you Jinty mate ... you were all brilliant and did us proud ....
  18. Have to agree on both points gents .... hope the balance comes right when we start playing in earnest in the league ... that will be the acid test for this group of players .... good performances against quality teams in the last 3 friendlies does look promising though ... but when we are up against the buses parked mentality of most of the SPFL ..... it will be crucial we have a clinical striker to complement the solid defence we seem to have emerging.
  19. Well done Imperial Bears ..... saying it like it is .... and offering help where needed ... along with sound advice on how to navigate the obstacles thrown down by the haters out there.
  20. Signed .... and not bothered about the marketing angle .... quick swipe and it's gone ... the main objective is that this petition gets the signatures it requires ... and any publicity it generates is a positive for young Joshua and his family in their quest to succeed. Joshua deserves to be saved from his life threatening situation .... as his condition is one that is treatable ...... how this can be disputed by the NHS is just so wrong .... to deny him the chance of a normal life is a crime that defies logic ... and is akin to murder if he is not allowed the medical help that is readily
  21. FFS ..... £500,000.00 ..... are they sure they can afford it? .... or will we be getting paid in instalments ..... If we have not tied in some add on clauses to this deal ... then we just haven't got this transfer procedure thingy right at all .... and need people in who know what the fuck they are doing. He may be inconsistent but he definitely has got talent ... this fee ... if correct does not show this ... it just shows a lack of good business sense on our part. Here's betting we sell O'Halloran at a loss also .... as this seems to be our business strategy .... "going backwa
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