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  1. Hi Bud ... I am Fine and glad to see you are too.
  2. 🎵......and he ain't no friend of mine ...... 🎵 P.S. I'm 100% OK Scotty mate and glad to see that you are too ..... what a season.
  3. Now that's proper rocket science Z.
  4. Most certainly Z mate .... top class art work, made easy when you have top class subjects to work with.
  5. Just now sent a wee donation for our Erskine Champions. They were and always will be The People.
  6. Just sent a wee donation for our troops at Erskine .... and will take this opportunity to wish all RM members a very happy Xmas and a hopeful new year .... 🎅
  7. From their very inception Scotty mate ...... thieving monies from parishioners .... who were mostly poor ignorants .... for prayers that were never answered .... a disgusting sect riddled with corruption from top to bottom ..... emanating from Rome to become a disease as deadly as the recent Covid-19 virus and sadly the ruination of more lives than it will ever be able to count .... due to intervention from compliant and deceitful governments worldwide ..... including Scotland. The children of sexual abuse by these bastards ..... under the cover of their bastard church ..... will forever
  8. Barrie McKay is living proof that this statement is one of the funniest he has ever heard ..... and rates it up there with similar quotes from that intellectual giant and teammate Josh ... An omelette is is not the same as an egg ..... Windass ..... 🇬🇧
  9. One of the best posts ever mate ....... all one liners that describe the "Hibernians" to a T .... who suffer from all the evil traits the human race is subject to ...... you only forgot to say that this is all due to them ... to a man ... suffering from extreme self loathing .... they just can't help themselves in their pursuit of eternal victimhood. 🇬🇧
  10. ...... or just another form of ravioli ..... 🇬🇧
  11. No mate ..... that would be ..... Beastial TV ...... 🇬🇧
  12. Definitely the schools to blame there mate ...... he'll just have to reset his life now .... and resign himself to receiving stolen goods for a living .... this video is proof he has the tools needed ..... the world is his applepine. 🇬🇧
  13. I take my hat off to you BNB .... just being able to get up and out there every morning with this extremely nasty condition to contend with .... puts you and people like you in a much higher bracket ..... good on you girl. The bit in bold leads me to the conclusion of someone doing their best to overcome their difficulties ..... even though it is the hardest but surest route to take. This attribute is something that Griffiths clearly lacks .... as playing the victim allows him to choose the coward's path .... looking for misguided sympathy to ignore his condition ..... a sure sign o
  14. Much better to take the Queen's shilling ..... than to take the repulsive SNP republican penny .....
  15. ..... as I said mate ..... he may never leave .... 😎
  16. Well fuck me gently .... the world has definitely turned full circle now ..... this must be a Chinese missionary who has been sent over to darkest Glasgow .... to show that if he can go peacefully from Ibrox to Parkhead in opposing colours and not get into bother ..... then why can't we all just get along then ..... he best watch out at the scum dome as there is every chance ...... he may never leave .....
  17. Heard some talk about a tour of Japan mate ...... could just be a rumour though ....
  18. Sad news for all his family ..... condolences to them all .... also not a fan of applauding a bereavement and I doubt his family will at his funeral ..... but in this case I think it is a fitting way to show respect to a young Bear who has passed away so suddenly ..... I hope he gets that recognition on Saturday from his extended "family" of Bears at Ibrox. 🇬🇧
  19. The guy who filmed this is really raging .... his battery ran down just as SG was belting out the Paw Patrol song that he dedicated to all the players who never turned up last week .....🎶 Paw patrol Paw patrol ....Action on the double 🎶..... I hate these breaks ....
  20. 👍 Good post mate ..... The word God is just another "lost in translation" word meaning good as in good blessings ..... latterly turned into God bless you ..... most religions are now basically in position to control the masses politically and spiritually ..... most on the spiritual side have done well in this area and depend on the inherent good will that exists in the human race for the continuance of the religion ..... politically it is a weapon of mass destruction that has done more harm than good to the human race. Unfortunately in the Christian religion the translation of the Bi
  21. 👍 It's a load of shite and should be banned from all sports ..... there are houses of worship for all this gesticulating ..... Bob Dylan says it all so well in his song entitled "With God On Our Side" ..... the lyrics are basically echoing what your post above is saying Bud ...... and covers all areas from war to peacetime ..... past to present ...... pish then and pish now ....
  22. 👍 Correct mate ...... all in games that count as well ..... I like Kent and hope he will deliver the goods this season so that we can stop the tarriers getting any further league titles ..... not going to blow him up as the missing link to our success .... but do agree with others that he is a good permanent addition to the team playing wise and investment wise.
  23. Aw C'mon mate .... there is fuck all "Nice"about that word ..... it defines the depths of utter depravity against young boys ...... calling the word a cunt of a word is just not strong enough .... nor is it strong enough to describe the despicable animals who act out the deed. 🇬🇧
  24. 👏 Nice wee bit of respect there .... what's the betting they will now be selected for unfair treatment along with the Danes for praising our travelling support. People who see rivalry rather than fake offence .... it will never catch on .....
  25. 👍 Get stuck right into them ...... our time is now ..... run them into the ground ..... the ref is irrelevant ..... we must just produce the goods on the day and victory shall be our reward ..... and fuck them and all who follow them.
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