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  1. 1960 - 5 1 - jim Baxter - One of many who would walk into any club in the modern game. So good was he, that no less a player of stature the great Pele himself said, "He should have been born Brazilian". 2 - Wullie Henderson - A pocket rocket, who filled you with delight as he danced a merry jig round all takers and left them bewildered at his dribbling skills. 1970 - 5 1 - Colin Stein , my first hero , probably because as a boy he always seemed to score. 2 - Dave Smith
  2. I can only surmise the hatred they have for us is because they feel utterly cheated that they were not born with the blue blood of a bear, and sadly realise that they will forever be in our shadow. The ironic fact though is that this moron is cheering on the team in blue, and will be so pissed off they never won.
  3. I think you will find McCoist bailed and is now sitting at home getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. Which was the reason he was put out to pasture in the first instance, for doing nothing. So your comparison is ever so slightly skewed.
  4. Another legend, who reached the top at our club at an age when most others were stepping down. Another legend who showed the younger players what it is all about being a Ranger. Another legend who will go down in the history books at our club as a true professional and a captain in the mould of our past great captains. Happy birthday Sir David of Weir.
  5. Definitely one of the best to ever put on a Rangers jersey, a true predator who could get a goal even in the most packed defence. A delight to watch, and a true legend. When you look back at the high standard of heroes we have attracted to our club, it fills you with pride. Thanks for the memories Colin, and a very happy birthday.
  6. Agreed, it was wrong, no other words, just wrong.
  7. No-one is being disrespectful to him, just glad he won't be playing, and that's what fans' do mate when they see their team at an advantage, be glad. He more than anyone should realise his best days are now gone and should step back and let the next generation take the field. He will always have my respect for his past good performances, but as a fan I have the right to be critical when he is not performing, and recent games bear witness to this. Nobody doubts his loyalty, just his ability to keep up with opposing players is all.
  8. This almost sounds promising, and dare I say, a pleasant turn of fortune.
  9. The ones' I know may not be "Poash" but they are class and all Bluenoses, can't get better than that.
  10. The "Poash" word for one's local church grounds.
  11. Baxter got hold of the Admiral on Admiral street round about 1969/70 or thereabouts, and it was a good pub, and as you would imagine pretty popular. Went in a few times enroute to and from Ibrox with all the intentions of just having "0ne". Fatal.
  12. With all that has been flying around our club over the last how many years, it is a miracle that we are able to get any true data at all, but as far as the DR goes you can depend on them putting the darkside's agenda before any truth about us. It's their forte.
  13. I'll square you up next time mate don't worry.
  14. If you look through the thread titled .... "Play-off rules / Ticket money redistribution" by SIMA today, you will find that we were not allowed to vote.
  15. Getting less and less to say, 0-0, 0-1, so these scores will do for me, but you never know.
  16. Makes you wonder why play-offs were introduced in the first place, well, the cash generating side of it anyway. A sceptical person, looking in on the financial aspects of this "Provie fund" like arrangement, might be forgiven for thinking that it was a deliberate carve up to suit clubs not involved in the play-offs, one in particular being the main beneficiary. No wonder it took all day and night (15 hrs.) to thrash out this scurrilous one sided abomination. The rabble at the top of Scottish football should all be ushered out of Hampden and onto the streets and chased as far away as possible
  17. Correct. So basically we were outvoted even though we were never even allowed a vote. It was always going to be a win win for the cabal, at the time we were without any say or power, they all saw to that. In the end we should have qualified as winners, we didn't, so we now have to get up by the play-offs hopefully. At the time I think we all expected to win promotion, and in all honesty with an inexperienced CEO in Mather, even if we were a full member, he would probably have voted for this to be passed. All history now, but it reinforces the need for the board at Ibrox (Whoever is in at any
  18. As we have been doing for as long as there has been a league for us to play in, the "Blue Pound" has been the currency of choice as there is so much more of it, the play-off games being no exception.
  19. Good post, hope you don't mind if I use your figures and put a wee add on. £225,000 - £80,000 for hosting the game = £145,000 - 50% = £72,500 divided between 41 clubs = £1,768 each club. With a bit of creative accounting it could be brought down to around say...... £1,690 per club, and that would be a nice round get it right into you to the lot of them.
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