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  1. I can only imagine the pain you are in at this time Scott mate ...... and can't find any words that would be of any comfort to you both .... other than my thoughts will be with you both and I hope for the best outcome mate. 🇬🇧
  2. 👍 Correct mate .... this game was only the first half .... and we came out of it with flying colours with no serious defects or injuries .... next week we have to go for the jugular and I think we have the beating of Legia and we will progress to the group stages.
  3. That home crowd sang the biggest load of shite I have heard in a long time .... it was like listening to a broken Vuvuzela ..... a complete toneless and tuneless drone from start to finish .... if that's their attempt at a hostile environment then the game is fucked .... listening to a bunch of fat baldy fucks tunelessly grunting out chorus after chorus of individual vowels is not my idea of hostile ... Legia should be fined for damaging the sound barrier and tainting the environment. Hat is off to the travelling troops who had to endure that continual pish the whole game ... at least I
  4. 👍 Spot on mate. What RB said was not negative towards the Club .... and most if not all could assess that from his post ..... some folks have short memories when it comes to Robertson and his post was not directed to discredit the good works done by others more worthy ..... only people who seek to find negativity in a person's post which incidentally started off with .... "Well done Rangers" .... would seek to judge what was a perfectly good post and not negative in the slightest .... but coming from someone with actual first hand knowledge of the MOD obtained from a long career in t
  5. To call them human is you being fair minded ...... has your phone been hacked mate ? ....
  6. Hmmmm! ..... Looks OK from where I sit mate ...... just the capitol H seems to have shrunk .... no biggie ....
  7. 👍 Fair enough mate .... the wee Zarska media lassie was probably told it was sea grass blue rather than tarrier turquoise .... so she can be forgiven .... the 4Word ad placement can not be forgiven nor forgotten .... this is indeed a black day for Poland .... and the world ....
  8. When MA and DK put their dicks back in their pockets and sit down like proper adults and get it sorted ...... that's the thick and thin of it as they say ..... alternative answer ? ..... fuck knows ....
  9. 👍 Yeah mate ... lost in translation I would imagine ..... and not meant to antagonise ...... unlike that 4Move mob .... who completely knew what they were up to with their offensive green product placement ..... Boo! ..... Fucken Booo! ....
  10. 👍 The guy above .... who asked about Alfredo's mental state .... must have been sipping the Lime or Mint beverage presented by the sponsors Oz mate ..... a product known to cause confusion it would seem ..... imagine the uproar if he had sampled the Orange or Blue flavour and started a sash bash ..... now that would have been a financial sales success story considering the opposing travelling support visiting this fair city ..... a product placement marketing failure I would say. Apply for the post as marketing manager for 4MOVE mate as there is definitely a need for
  11. ............... and not a drop was sipped from them ..... someone was at the piss take methinks ....
  12. 👍 Good post mate. Now is the time to be positive ...... throw caution to the wind .... as the above post states there will be plenty of time to be morbid if we have any hiccups along the way ..... until then just be happy we are in a far far better position team wise than we have been for many a year ..... time to shake off the doubts and get the battle fever on ..... certainly it has to be approached one game at a time .... not actually sure it can be approached any other way really ...... but the confidence about the team is infectious and should be fully embraced with the same co
  13. Definitely made a massive difference to the feel good factor has SG ..... so here's hoping his involvement to induce positivity is a regular occurrence and he brings us the success we deserve.
  14. 👍 Nothing like a good honest prediction mate ...... early days yet mind you .... but I must say I agree with your sentiment as do everyone of us .... hopefully this is our season to take back the title.
  15. Sincere condolences to you and Andrew's family Bud ...... some things are more important than the game ...... and you showed your class by recognising this in memory of Andrew .... and the team as you say done him proud too. 🇬🇧
  16. Something tells me that Britney ...... just a wild guess mind .... might just be feeling it now mate ..... Jules has that magic effect with his videos ..... look at Britney go. PS- Weclum back Jules mate.
  17. Mate ... if you go to "My account" on the RTV home page .... it should have the date you last payed for the service ..... if you are a per annum subscriber .... that's the only indication available but it gives an accurate date for renewal purposes. Then go to "Subscribe" .... pick the package you require and it will allow you to renew.
  18. 👍 Not sure mate ... but it may have been Docherty .... who was extremely embarrassed that he couldn't recall when we were founded ..... as I say .... not sure if it was the same question but a lot of our players have very low scores in this quiz.
  19. There's that old saying that goes ..... "what's for you won't pass by you" .... and it was never more apt than in this case ..... along with that other old adage ..... "you'll get yours" ..... again in this case perfectly fitting to someone who has no idea that they are 99% responsible for their own actions ..... and the outcome of their own inactions. Not many get the chance to royally fuck it up twice with The Rangers ..... well done Kyle lad ..... 👎
  20. I think this has all just been Chinese Whispers ....... and I hope Alfredo is going nowhere ..... personally I prefer Cadbury's ..... more reliable as you know what you're getting is the real deal .... mmmmm Whispers .....
  21. Deepest condolences to his family and friends ...... tragic news that takes the wind out of you ..... and I never knew the lad .... sad sad news. 🇬🇧
  22. 👍 Now you see .... the way fans like you think .... proves to me that you are being totally realistic and much more in tune with the manager's assessment of the overall tie .... the fact that SG was clearly not happy we did not finish the tie off was obvious in this interview ..... and your reading between the lines makes it more pertinent with your own personal interpretation of this interview .... with which I agree. I am glad that is his opinion of the players we now have at our disposal ..... I hope this is his hard line approach going forward into the new season ...... we must
  23. 👍 The one exception to that mate ..... would be the day this rabid rat faced Rangers hating balloon is six feet under ..... whoever suggested this sanctimonious bullshit photoshoot .... needs his balls booted to the moon and back. Total disgrace allowing this cunt anywhere near Govan ..... never mind government ..... and he should never ever be allowed into our stadium. As the years roll by .... you think you've seen it all .... then out of the blue you realise you have seen absolutely fuck all ... especially with some of the shite that comes out of our boardroom. Total lac
  24. 👍 ..... Mentally and physically spot on mate ..... and JD is in a right good place ...... as Ibrox is one of the best places to be ..... can see him doing really well this season coming ..... his attitude speaks volumes and he is a winner both on and off the field.
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