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  1. GB mate, You more than anyone have given of your time and unselfish attention to do good by the veterans of Erskine .... it will be a sad day when you leave mate that's for sure .... your efforts have been worthy of the highest honours and praise .... as the residents and staff will no doubt attest to. Good health at the end of the day .... is all we have ... and those of us who have been down that uncertain road know the true value of being healthy .... hope you will be well for a long time to come mate .... thank you for all the great things you did for our troops ... and for all
  2. It can be done with a wee bit of arranging time wise with the chorus mate ... 👍 🎶 ... Forever Blue .... fuck the pope ... Forever Blue ... and the ira ... Forever Blue and Forever True .... and 55 Will do .... 🎶 ..... and 1 2 3 4 .... Forever Blue ........
  3. Ibrox crowd ..... ± 45,000 Gibraltar population .... 34,571 Roughly10,429 more people at Ibrox last night than actual residents who live in Gib ..... we really are The People .... and deservedly so with our support.
  4. 👍 Cheers mate, Nice to know that VB are not letting this disgusting crime .... or the ones responsible .... hide under a stone. They all fucking knew ..... but rather than face the problem head on they decided to hide it ...... cowards to a man .... and the saga continues with still no recompense for the victims ... who continue to live with the fallout of this gang of criminals ..... all because the "good name" of CFC was at risk .... well they fucked up that one .... as any decent person will be able to tell you that the opposite is now true ..... fucking scum. 🇬🇧
  5. Wish him all the best and hope he gets a break down south as he is a decent player.
  6. Well done The Rangers for allowing the RBL to collect funds for the survival of this great institution ..... I'm certain it will be a success and hope the crowdfunding is also a success. 🇬🇧
  7. 👍 I'm surprised he hasn't been linked to the Tory party as a possible candidate for the PM position mate .... such is the media's need to fill column inches .....
  8. When you "Cry Wolf" as often as this one does mate ...... don't expect people to think this OP is anything other than .... more attention seeking shite.
  9. 👍 A source (😇) ..... has said that both clubs are interested in Ross ...... but due to new height restrictions becoming extremely important south of the border ..... the negotiations may not amount to a hill of beans. Reports of him being 1.690m tall are being researched .... and if true ..... Ross will probably stay put and fight like a Proddie to stay at Ibrox ..... an official statement from the Club is expected on or around the 12th of july .....
  10. Condolences to family and friends of Craig .... taken too soon. 🇬🇧
  11. Too soft in Alabama ..... hire Lorena Bobbitt .... now that woman Knew what to do .... unlike BJK ..... but went one further than phone the police ... she took justified action and now sleeps like a baby .... Knowing her beast of a husband can no longer harm her. Love every single goal that The Rangers score against the scum .... this one by PL was special though ... ending up with another trophy ....
  12. 👍 Well done mate ...... posting real, concerning content like this hopefully will help to trace the Lad. Best wishes for a safe return home. 🇬🇧
  13. Just a wee exercise mate ..... to let others actually see that there are real Rangers related threads in the BD..... that belong here .... and do not promote podcasts with major tarrier content in them. Thanks for noticing.
  14. 👍 Me too mate ...... If they are good enough then they are ready to be given a chance.
  15. Not really that much of an effort mate .... thanks for noticing though.
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