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  1. So they are seriously claiming that our club celebrating 150 years, focusing on our founders and using a song about those founders is really a dig at a bunch of folk who didn't even have a football club for another 16 years? They are truly so obsessed about us that they are projecting it onto us and making out we are as sad and blinkered as they are. We are not like them and we need to laugh at them when they come out with such spiteful pathetic drivel.
  2. Just imagine him getting that job and being told yeah, give it all against the renjurs but don't try against the marvellous team of the east end and it slowly dawning on him that they didn't keep beating them because they were so good.
  3. Top story in a main sport news outlet in Czech is pushing the idea that Gerrard is playing along as he didn't notice booing during the game. But there's a poll further down where 98% of nearly 45000 voters reckon there was no racism last night. Question was: In your opinion, was the behaviour of the children at Letná during the Sparta duel with the Glasgow Rangers racist? I'm not sure if it's better to leave it as it is to show the minging attitude of the majority or we start voting to send it the other way. https://www.sport.cz/fotbal/evropska-liga/clanek/2768764-Rangers-zaluji-na-spartu-u-uefa-gerrard-si-na-letne-rasismu-nevsiml-ted-mluvi-jinak.html#topstory
  4. We need a biomechanics expert in the media to confirm this was the case. I'm sure such a willing expert will easily be found.
  5. We haven't made enemies in the media, they have been our enemies for many years and finally we're calling them out instead of trying to build bridges.
  6. He needs to start a game.
  7. And the moment words like 'whataboutery' and 'pointscoring' start spewing from them, it's time to ignore their playground attempts to silence us and keep going. What's good for them to do to us is just as good vice versa. It's justice, balance, or whatever you want to call it. They've used this to hide their horrific abuse, their abuse of power in the game and in society, and their free reign to call us whatever they want.
  8. Worked out so well that it reminded me of how Walter used to pull a leftfield tactical surprise regularly against them which floored them time and again. What looked like being a real problem before the match with no Tav or Patterson turned into a great confidence boost for the big man.
  9. Got his chance, had 2 solid games, no problem with him taking over the no.1 jersey at some time.
  10. A chance to make a name for himself. He'll never play for a bigger club.
  11. Goldson peaked last season, had a great period with his defending, passing and scoring. But he's not defending anywhere near as well this season, his positioning is too often poor, getting drawn to the ball, and he's lost his confidence in the big passes as well as up front. And he has had plenty opportunity to commit to a new contract. Time for an ultimatum from Gerrard - sign the contract and sort your game out or go now before you're remembered for something other than a great 55.
  12. Bears


    Never been totally convinced by him even though he just had a great season overall. In Europe especially he is prone to too many errors and his positioning can be suspect at times. Good attackers too often get the better of him and poorer ones can get lucky like today.
  13. Maybe he was brought in in case Davis faded during the season and to give Kelly time if he wasn't ready or failed to take up the mantle. Basically an extra option but not different enough from Davis, Jack and Kamara to give a new dimension to the midfield.
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