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  1. They belong together - septic tanks
  2. It's there, hidden in plain sight amongst all the possibilities - sellick or nobody.
  3. Financial collapse tragically happened to the best of clubs and certainly can and hopefully will to the worst of clubs.
  4. As long as they don't focus on the failings of their normally precious 'lenny', we really would prefer him to stay for at least the season!
  5. Would've fitted right in
  6. Some tackler, looks like the attacker's past him, sticks out a leg, problem sorted
  7. Regarding the Kamara push, it happens all over the park during a game. We wouldn't expect - and never get - a free kick for that anywhere so it's not a pen.
  8. Won't be happy when Kent goes. But it'll be good for him to try the EPL. Just before he retires in his mid-30s.
  9. 1. Yes, we would. 2. Yes, he would. Is there any other solution or shall we just keep taking what they dole out? The only way to get an even playing field is to call them out, ban any media outlet that lies about us or is biased against us, use Gerrard's media position internationally, get ex-players on board to speak up, give Souness a role, take it to UEFA, attack their narrative, change the status quo, do something. And cast light upon that insidious entity across the city and get justice for the abused. I don't see any other way that is going to work.
  10. Do I want us as a club to publicly criticise Clancy for basically saying that he and the other refs are aware of the special importance of decisions made concerning the fact that that lot are trying to win a record breaking supposed tenth title in a row (no matter how tainted it is)? Yes. But I was meaning that this should be used as the basis of the defence for Gerrard's statement that implied that rules were not being applied fairly concerning us (and them and the teams we are both playing). Your thread on Officialdom Conspiracy shows plenty of that. The defence of Gerrard can show many
  11. We need to point out that Clancy was completely out of order with his pre-season statement of being aware of the importance of the season as plenty has gone on so far to show that he was basically telling us how things were going to go. We can't say we weren't warned.
  12. We should point out that the refs, this season in particular, and Clancy in particular, have not been biased, incompetent or inconsistent in any of their decisions regarding us or our opponents. Instead, they have been very consistent and competent with their awareness of the importance of this season and that lot's tainted ten, with absolutely no bias away from that being successful for them.
  13. Wheeled back in to give the compliance officer her instructions.
  14. Really don't know why Gerrard won't at the very least come out and say that he wants to know that his players will receive the protection that the rules are designed to give.
  15. When he really gets going, he'll be some player.
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