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  1. Only won 1 in 9? But what a trophy to win. And what a way to do it. We now have a very professional set up that should deliver plenty more in the next few years. Stunning progress throughout the club. And Terry Munro well deid. What's to complain about?
  2. Great news for our defenders too. Who better to learn from about how a striker thinks and how to counter him?
  3. Heading towards a Shay Logan and Bobo Balde dream team.
  4. Zlamal means 'broken' in Czech. Morally apt.
  5. Clearly an unbalanced article just following the SMSM narrative. Doesn't engage with the actual video content by describing it properly so the question is has the author even seen it? And no mention of the request from the club to have supporters in for the last game. Lazy at best, but looks biased against us.
  6. Desperate so-called journalism on a par with gollum's recent attempt. 55 has ruined them.
  7. Bears


    Surprised Clarke hasn't been shoehorned in as he used to be a young player.
  8. So we start calling that lot the taliban. How long til it's considered a sectarian slur and we are threatened for it by the sfa, uefa, polis?
  9. So no Ben 10. Could call him Ben 9. Should be Ben 8 3/4 but they'll want to round it up as it sounds better.
  10. One day they might even make a Colombia connection. Something like Buff's charity work being a front for supplying caffeine-loaded contraband...
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