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  1. Occasional islands of on-topic content in the whole thread. Should change the thread title to 'Officialdom Conspiracy 2020/21? and Loads of Chuntering by the Same Few About This Thread Existing and Trying to Derail It'. Or better would be to have a separate thread to discuss whether this thread has the right to exist.
  2. Kent, but Hagi to replace anyone not on their game.
  3. It's true that fans will always find something to moan about, that something was not fair. Also, when something does go in favour of your team, you tend to downplay it, happy to get away with it. We remember the times it goes wrong for us much more than the times we get away with it. So all fans of all teams can point to many times something was unfair. This points to how Rangers are treated in the print/online media, and especially by pundits on telly who have the opportunity to frame the narratives of the following week. As most so-called experts in the media have a strong dislike of Ra
  4. Been trying to remember his name, played for Deportivo, iirc was going to sign several times but it just didn't happen.
  5. Incompetence and bias are not mutually exclusive traits.
  6. They conspired to create a monopoly in 2012. They hamstrung the rest of Scottish football as they were the only ones financially sound enough not to nosedive due to removing the blue pound from the game at the top. But they were very short-sighted in failing to establish a permanently unassailable position. They've had their tainted rewards now. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
  7. This used to be our cup. I want it back where it belongs. Two years in a row we messed up. Not good enough.
  8. Looking forward to them announcing: We're investigating suspected anti-competitive behaviour regarding the connections of the Board at celtc football club and their sympathisers regarding the targeted financial undermining and regulatory persecution of their only real competitor Rangers Football Club before and during 2012, leading to the latter's placement in the fourth tier and the former having a free run at the Champions League for a decade and still making a pig's ear of it.
  9. Bears


    Still only an unbeaten start, though.
  10. Journalism is often more about speculation nowadays, not reporting events or facts. It's all getting likes or clicks rather than building a reputation for quality and trustworthiness.
  11. Sorry, Jamie, you were not so clear in your previous post and I took your statement to be one member. Apologies. I also read it in light of your identification as a Hoxhaist. The party you refer to is the Social Democrats, who are far more liberal than socialist, although they do contain a number of ex-officials from pre-89 - basically those who will hoist any banner in order to retain power. You'll know this to be typical for Eastern Europe, though, I'm sure. I've checked and found that in Romania there are zero actual socialist politicians (who represent what I was talking about) in any
  12. That is only because it's proportional representation there, and in each country that suffered from the extremes of communism/socialism/whatever you want to call it there were those who benefited from having power or wealth, or just the stability of having a guaranteed job that required no effort. That it's only one member says how utterly unpopular socialism is with the vast majority. A sort of political-economic Stockholm Syndrome, if you like.
  13. Try telling that to those who suffered there for decades. All far left systems are us vs them, just not officially. Any applied 'socialism' turns out in similar terms in reality.
  14. I wonder if any Romanians would be - very understandably - offended by that comment!
  15. That Dennis and Murzo cannot agree with counting a row of people below 10 maybe shows that other criteria are more effective, like the most obvious one...
  16. The white guy is no. 6. I'm a white guy. You can call me the white guy if you ever see me in a group from different parts of the world. It doesn't bother me in the slightest but I can't speak for everyone else. You'd have to ask them. I might not have time to wait while you do so.
  17. The guy with the black hair is ok? The guy who is black is not? The guy with the ginger hair is not? The guy form Eastern Europe, where being super-sensitive is not really an issue, who hasn't been given up to the minute training on the latest sensitivities, in a stressful situation, is probably not focusing on how to tiptoe around certain terms. He was talking to his colleague from his own culture in their own language. A word in that language sounded similar to a problem-word in another and the guy who was in the process of being sent-off went way over the top in his reac
  18. If they sack lennon, they'll have to pay off his rolling contract. But if he walks then problem solved. I reckon they'll keep the pressure mounting up, set up a background narrative with their media lapdogs about his mental health, wait for the inevitable, make a statement about how they gave him every opportunity but support his decision to stand down and how kennedy will bravely see out the season, ready to rebuild in the summer with a manager ready to face the challenge of regaining their entitled crown. And look for any way they can accuse us of cheating, impending financial doom
  19. It's clear now and we can move on. Even the way he spoke shows he has no interest but didn't want to look that way just in case. Had nothing to say about us as a club or even our recent level of play.
  20. https://twitter.com/KerryFail/status/1324461785865474048/photo/1 Someone actually thought of this, took time to make it and then thought it was a good idea to make it public.
  21. How many of the 110 major trophies were during the war years or after their friends successfully conspiring to have us removed from the top division?
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