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  1. Sadly for me I only saw guys like McCoist, Durrant and Goram when they played for Kilmarnock and Motherwell.
  2. So far as I know, they stopped and a few years later another club was formed, who were just known as Carlisle loyal. They met in the Masonic club on Portland square. I actually went to a couple of their events about ten years ago. I've asked around people I know and it turns out that I know the guy who owns the Milbourne, the building mind, he doesn't run the pub. He's a Rangers fan too, so is his son whom I went to school with. That'll explain why it's now a Rangers pub! I've been away from Carlisle for a while now, it's funny the things you miss. And unfortunately the tarriers do
  3. Yeah he definitely seems quite bitter against us at times for some reason. I can only think it's playing for Motherwell that's done it. The point I was making that given his background I'd be surprised if he really did hate us and it's not a bit "for show" for his media work.
  4. Reliably informed that he's a Glentoran fan. I'd be surprised if he hated us, but ten years of playing for Motherwell has maybe warped his mind!
  5. Yeah I think that's right. I often wondered what Davie Weir's role was in it all. Seemed like he didn't do a lot. I always kind of expected the defenders to improve under him, but they just didn't.
  6. Coach and horses in Kingstown used to be a pretty decent Rangers pub back in the day. Supporters buses used to pick up/drop off there. Haven't been in there for about ten years so no idea what it's like now. And I had no idea about the Milbourne!
  7. Warburton is obviously a good coach, but probably never going to be a good manager. Someone you'd put in charge of the youths, or have as an assistant manager.
  8. 2-1 win in October 09, he started at right back as unbelievable as that sounds! Remember he miss-kicked the ball the only time it came to him and then he went off injured after ten minutes. Looked like a rabbit in headlights that day.
  9. Has anyone called Aidan ever had a worthwhile opinion about Rangers?
  10. A waste of a perfectly good EBT.
  11. Well ideally we'd need to win the league otherwise how could we realistically expect to win the champions league the year after?
  12. It's none of Lennon's business anyway.
  13. We're always going to have to have an eye on the academy from now on regardless of how many players we sign. We're ultimately going to be a selling club and developing our own talent to sell on to clubs in a bigger and better league is going to be a big part of our strategy going forward. I don't think it means that Pedro is not getting money to spend, or is not going to bring a good few players in to improve the squad to challenge for the title. It's just realism. We can't just think in the short term imo, it's the same thing we've always done.
  14. You're not allowed to draw parallels between incidents, apparently it's point-scoring...
  15. Foderingham - 8 Hodson - 7 Hill - 8 Wilson - 6 Wallace - 6 Tavernier - 6 Holt - 5 Hyndman - 6 McKay - 4 Waghorn - 6 Miller - 7
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