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  1. I suppose pendulum have been playing there for years, this is the next step on the journey to shiteyness.
  2. <BR><BR><BR>Oh dear. The official crappy radio friendly rock thread hasn't been made yet.
  3. What the fuck? Was thinking the line-up looked ok then I noticed that!
  4. Great assesment. I feel like that about every snow patrol song. To the op... why murder a song that was already dead?
  5. I remember going to an orange (maybe Apprentice boys) march in Dumfries a few years ago. Is there still an orange lodge in the town? My da lives near Palmerston
  6. After reading through this entire thread, it's no wonder that you're dishing out post mental stress.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGhZ6mH7P-g It's coming up to 20 years since this was released
  8. What are people's thoughts on Talisker? I tried it the other night, and was impressed. How does it rate on everyone's malt appreciation scale? Also Im new to malts really. Only had Bowmore before (that I can remember the name of), so what should I try?
  9. I was gonna say that exact same thing I had a few albums but gave them away. Imo Muse had some good songs back in the day, but they're really shit now!
  10. No. Was more just pointing out the difference in how people react and remember this event while virtually ignoring the others and my conclusion is that just because it happened in America people mourn it more. It has certainly altered the world though, and definately not for the better.
  11. This is the type of thing that will end up causing the deaths of more and more troops in Afganistan.
  12. Well all the other events remain acts of terrorism, and are just as tragic in my view.
  13. The Welsh claim to be the indigenous brits. They were on Britain before the romans, saxons, angles etc invaded England, and before the Scots came across from Ireland. Thats why you get welsh place names like Aberdeen in North-East Scotland, and Carlisle in North-west England. These invaders pushed the welsh further and further back leaving them clinging on for dear life to their little stretch of land. The name Wales actually comes from a saxon word meaning "foreigners". So that's why Wales dont like the rest of the UK. The rest of the UK doesnt like Wales mainly because they are a bit of a b
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