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  1. It's built in to most tv's these days, so while the standalone dongle is less often used, the functionality is still used an awful. No where near defunct. I'm in Canada I've ever had a problem with buffering, slow loading or lag. The bit rate drops too often but I can't tell if thats on my end or theirs. Didn't even have a problem for the first Legia game.
  2. Power should have been off, Dicker should have been off. Both defenders at our winning goal had their arms around the shoulders/neck of Katic and Goldson. We're not getting anything and the season has barely started.
  3. whatnobeer


    Took him a while to get up to speed when he arrived, but now he's match fit? Different story. Was suberb today.
  4. Imagine the outcry if he'd benched Morelos and it hadn't worked? We experimented early season and it didn't work and he got pelters. He can't win.
  5. I don't think he's all that wrong. But the problem is 4 players is over 33% of the team, 40% if you assume McGregor is nailed on to start another season. If in any other group you said we need to replace 35%-40% of the members to get where you need to be then you'd be a long way off.
  6. Defore hasn't got the stature to play like that. He's a different sort of player. I've no problem with Morelos being phyiscal, holding off his man, even barging them a bit. But he needs to smarted up. After the ref warns him he stops being so obvious. Leaving the boot in wasn't smart and it's gotten him sent off. Problem is, players leave the boot in on him all the time and get away with it. No wonder he lashes out.
  7. Not a goal scoring midfielder, but looks like a player. 23, just shy of 6' tall, seems have good awareness and ball wining skills. Also seems to be able to pick a pass. Only going to get better under the gaffer too. Good signing. No idea where he fits into the team this season, but a good problem to have.
  8. Exactly. Over reaction central in here, as usual. 3-0 in the 1st half, 2nd half was always going to be shit. The pitch being shite also didn't help at all. Sure, we could have and should have played better and score some more but I'm not going to sit here and complain about how we should have scored 10 playing on a freezing wednesday night with a 2nd string team.
  9. We shouldn't be spending all this time getting him fit then getting shot of him just because he doesn't immediately set the heather on fire. I'd keep him for at least another year and give him the time to re-establish himself. A short term loan deal might work but if his loan club don't look after him the game is up.
  10. Balls there to be played, it's not in the keepers hands and he pulls out and doesn't hurt anyone. A tad reckless yes, but not out of control. Yellow at the most for me. Keepers get too much protection. If he's studded him in the face then I'd have no arguments, as it was, harsh red.
  11. He offers so little threat going forward and that ends up limiting which ever winger is playing on that same wing. And if it wasn't for shagger his ball across to Worral (who was also at fault) then we'd have lost the game on Thursday.
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