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  1. Not often we (or hibs) play teams where the entire defensive line is so high up the pitch, sometimes even all in our half. That's going to take a bit of getting used to. Morelos was caught too often as well in his European games. Did what he needed to for the most part, generally a good game from him.
  2. The pass 30 seconds in made me nervous af. But he grew into it, kept it simple and got his head onto everything he needed to. Goldson in the last half hour was immense as well. Great effort from everyone tonight.
  3. No, he wasn't. This place is fucking pish after a bad result or two.
  4. Aye, he's only scored, what, 2 goals in his whole career? I can see why the players too often take the easy option. Losing possession against a team who are quick on the counter and we've all our players inside their half often leads to chances at the other end. How often have players made a simple mistake in the final 3rd only for us to get punished at the other end? It's a team failing, the attacking players need the confidence to make the pass and the defense needs to make sure that we don't get punished when it goes wrong.
  5. Kent opening up a lot of space for Barasic today. Maybe not at his best and beating men left and right, but doing alright.
  6. The injury time was probably the only thing he actually got right all day. Hibs were wasting time like fuck before we went ahead. Shocking everywhere else though. Second half is what's needed for the rest of the season. Driven, fast football.
  7. Sorry attempt at a troll or you're a massive bell end. Piss off with this shite.
  8. Agreed, but nearly every team struggles when playing against a team who have no interest in getting forward and park 10 men on the edge of the penalty box. We got to a Uefa cup final by being very very hard to beat and playing on the counter. Obviously we need to figure out how to break teams down, Hagi looks like he might help, but I don't think there's a magic bullet or system that will help.
  9. Great to see him banging in the headers now. He missed a few his first season and was described here as having a head shaped like a 50p. Love the wee man.
  10. Great to see him adding goals to his game. It's not something he's had before, but will help the team immensely. He's been outstanding this season and you can tell we miss him when he's been out of the tea.m.
  11. Was interesting to see Morelos spending a fair bit of the early game out on right, swapping with Barker. Gave them something different to think about but we lose the obvious out ball when he's not spearheading the attack. Thought we did a bit better when he moved back in. The other wingers pressure the space a bit better too when they're outwide and he's through the middle. Excellent performance all in all though. Borna too, great crosses all night, great positions too. His crossing is so dangerous and the pass for the goal was inch perfect.
  12. Shades of the Lafferty goal last season that Borna also set up. Absolutely cracking goal.
  13. He annouced his retirement back in May, but his last game was yesterday
  14. Their first goal was a brain fart and a stupid mistake. One that probably doesn't get made again. Losing Jack didn't help either. Thought he was bossing it until he went off.
  15. That was a pish way to lose the game. Should have had it tied up then a bit naive to lose it they way we did. 2 big mistakes from Tav. He's at fault but the over reaction that's about to come on RM will be ridiculous.
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