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  1. He has done similar things in several games this season and got away with it... I really don't know what to think about him, he's let us down with his antics and I can't see him changing much in the future..
  2. I imagine a few will go on Loan, with us picking up a good portion of their wage..
  3. Not a chance we will give them a guard of honour..
  4. That's me all effing over, never read to the end!!
  5. No mention of a fee obviously.. Money going about in England is staggering so I'd guess if they want him they will get him.
  6. Thanks for that.. . I'd say there was a better than fair argument that punching or trying to punch an opposition player when the ball is not even in play would be considered excessive. It's all about opinions . I'm not getting more drawn into Saturday's match. I'm trying to forget it as I'm sure you are. Let's just win the next one!!
  7. I appreciate your knowledge but are you saying that Morelos shouldn't have been sent off? And If the ref saw the Ryan Kent incident he would not have sent him off? The way I see it is The Morelos incident was off the ball, it wasn't part of both players trying to head the ball or anything where arms could be in the air. It was totally off the ball, definate red for me. Ryan Kent incident, the ball is not even in play, again definate red. Of course if you think different and have a different opinion that's your prerogative.
  8. Hi backup. I think what I wrote is true. But we all see it differently. I appreciate the way you worded your reply and I think that you and I are alike in that we can disagree with fellow bears but wouldn't lower ourselves to argue about a game we are both hurting about. Let's just beat them next time.
  9. Some of us are getting too wound up by this whole thing. If we are going to complain about things to anyone to do with the sfa we should start of with being truthful. Alfie barged into the back of brown. Brown then tripped him, he did not rake his studs down alfie, that's just made up. Alfie threw an elbow at brown, whether it got him In the face or chest isn't that relevant. Brown went down and then when he was sure it had been noticed he got back up. He didn't roll around for ages. Morelos got sent off. In the Kent incident, Brown is walking backwards and keeping the ball away from
  10. Our players and us and even our manager are getting wound up by scott brown, and we all need to learn. I now refuse to be wound up by him. It's like a bullfighter goading a bull with a red cape. The bull attacks the red cape but it's the effing swords behind it that does the damage.. We need to stop focussing on scott brown he is a dirty sneaky bassa who never really contributes in a football sense and we need to stop highlighting him.
  11. I've not said much about Morelos today but I think there are a number of factors involved but the biggest one is that I think he believes it's ok to react to stuff and he is justified in doing things. We as fans and our manager have backed him far too often. He's had five red cards this season, that tells its own story. I think the one against the sheep should not have been rescinded. He gets harsh treatment but he's no angel himself. He's had a number of red cards but is still getting improved contracts every few months? How the eff does his agent manage that... SG said that he would
  12. I don't think we should get rid of SG yet. We need stability and I do think we will be better next year with SG still as our manager.
  13. It's a red card all day long.. He just took the player out and was nowhere near the ball ffs.. And it's a fairly obvious penalty to me.
  14. While I was watching the game on tv I thought he was giving more effort than normal and was doing o.k.. But, I think that subconsciously I have become used to watching 2nd rate players wearing our jersey and Coulibaly is definitely 2nd rate..
  15. I've not seen the article as I stopped buying papers years ago but are they insinuating that Rangers fans were making anti catholic remarks while travelling on a train?
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