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  1. He did... Embarrassing. He did say a few things I agreed with but he lacks something..
  2. He was gash. Glad he's gone. He's been replaced with better..
  3. Big Bruno looks the part and certainly has the experience and the class to be a major asset for us. My only worries are the same as signing any older experienced player, does he have the will for the fight and will be get injured. I think Bruno definitely has the will for the fight so therefore my main concern is him picking up injuries, especially considering his lack of a break.
  4. 4231 for me every time. Control the centre of the park and control the game.
  5. If we could have got back in by using the rules I'd have said yes.
  6. I hope we get back in, we seriously need the cash.
  7. He's an effing clown. All talk and no substance. I thought last season that he was the worst manager in the scottish premiership apart from the Inverness manager whose name escapes me. I absolutely believe that at least 50% of bears who regularly watch Rangers could have got us through that tie last night and into the next round. I absolutely genuinely believe that. It's beyond shambolic and even seeing his face now makes me angry. Pedro gtf asap you are stealing a wage from us you are no more a manager than my missus.
  8. Pedro is like a man who a boss likes and has been promoted way above his ability,the same applies to the majority of our players. Emperors new clothes..
  9. If they're fit for the start of the season I will predict that they will be out injured by the middle of the season if not before.
  10. I'm going against the majority here but I thought we passed the ball about quite well in parts today. It wasn't fantastic by any means but I at least thought the team knew what they were doing. Hearts are absolutely rank under cathro and the fact we only beat them two one even with a man advantage does bring me back down to earth.
  11. Don't think the team can afford to carry a player who displays the odd bit of brilliance now and again. I'd rather we freed up some wages.
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