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  1. @Brackley Bluenose I’ll definitely pay a visit to The Old Auctioneer; looks good. Might take my in-laws there for a meal. If I find any pubs of our persuasion I’ll let you know.
  2. Am I glad I didn’t post in the OT forum.
  3. Going to a pub to watch a game doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to get drunk.
  4. Username stands for Only One For Me. I’m actually 69.
  5. I won’t be falling for that one. Nice try though.
  6. I will be going there for the game v the scum.
  7. I’ll be in Banbury for a month from 11th August, are there any Rangers friendly pubs in the area?
  8. I picked up mine too and I want some more. These are by far the best medals they’ve produced.
  9. I voted for Goldson but my heart really wants Tav to be recognised for everything he has had to contend with these past five years.
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