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  1. spurs are 7th and arsenal currently 10th in their league spurs have not won the league for 60 years the whole thing is a joke and just pure greed
  2. i took out premier for a month before cove game at 12.99 happy now i have got 3 games for my money
  3. when i read that stuff it fucking annoys me to hell that what you pay a goalie to do make saves same as you pay a striker to score i did not think mcgregor was motm to me paterson or aribo should have got it
  4. did you ever hear anyone talking such shit he was nearly in tears not a fan of mcinnes but he summed the game up far better than strachan
  5. i think both english teams will go out this evening hope not but not looking good at the moment
  6. see kudela has just released a statement still claiming he is innocent and is going to appeal you could not make it up with this lot
  7. if you read there statement to day slavia have never admitted their player racially abused glen their wording is very clever apologising etc but never saying kudela used racist langauge
  8. how do you work that one out they never said anything about racism if you read their statement today they have still not admitted that their player racially abused glen
  9. just said on radio police scotland will do nothing thay had the chance to go to london when they played arsenal but the player was banned they should now go to prague but they wont
  10. dont know how anyone can be surprised at todays decisions i did not expect anything different uefa have been like this for years all this kick racism out etc is just a load of window dressing they have not got the balls to make a proper decision
  11. no one is allowed in for cup final which is later so i dont see how it will happen for final league game
  12. i bought it last week for the cove game coverage was very good if we win on sunday i will get 3 games for my 12.99
  13. said that today even with morelos staying we need another striker just because of what you have ourlined
  14. as i said before mccrorie is nowhere good enough for rangers and if brown is that spiteful i assume ferguson gets dropped as well being from a rangers family brown is going there as a player and coach he wont be picking the team
  15. mccrorie is never good enough for us and bear in mind he is a aberdeen player now how much would they want for him
  16. was surprised wright never go some game time today but people on here were going overboard about his last week he played well but it was only cove rangers gerrard was right his final ball needs improved
  17. championship is 27 games that 3 rounds of fixtures league 1 and 2 are 18 which is 2 rounds of fixtures they then do a split of 5 and 5 to decide promotion and relagation
  18. i cannot stand that arrogant bastard
  19. so once again progressive clubs like brora rangers and kelty hearts will be denied the chance of the play offs for the 2nd year in a row while a club like brechin bottom last year bottom again this year get to stay in the league bloody disgrace
  20. i agree with the clarke thing we will get humped at the euros and the world cup has nearly gone after 3 games so it will be a good get out for clarke
  21. my choice was spieth but that was before he won at the weekend cannot see him winning 2 wks in a row going to go european with john rahm spain players have a good record in the masters
  22. would not put money on arsenal battering anybody right now
  23. not a surprise to me read my post above uefa are so predictable
  24. that was a certainty that we would be in trouble that uefa all over fine the other club to deflect the real problem the slavia guy will get a 6 match ban and uefa will feel they have stopped racism bloody joke
  25. that would make sense as it would keep him in the south dont think he travels well
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