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  1. Poor finishing cost us. Arfield through the middle, Morelos header, Kent 1 on 1 ........ Thats the story......
  2. Complete garbage. No penetration Slow build up , poor passing , zero imagination This is not how to win a league
  3. Whose bird has the flu ? Is it buff’s
  4. Dogs abuse I can accept but calling for his dismissal after a couple of dodgy results is infantile.
  5. I don’t think he looks like a broken man, up he should be with all the vitriol from some of our own fans.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. I appreciate we are all supporters but some of the negativity on here is way OTT. Judging by some of the statements here they should be phoning Samaritans for counselling. no marks like Craigan are already trying to destabilise the manager by Telling us he looks like a broken man, and as for Sutton, ....? Do we see a pattern here..? We should be more alarmed and concerned that the Scottish mhedia are once again attempting to create a story ( a negative/destabilising story ) that will only serve to pile more pressure on the managerial team, supporters
  7. Because a new manager will dismantle the whole shooting match, put players in a team that have never played together and we’ll be back to square 1. We have ( basically ) good players, what we need a couple of motivational b’stards to drive the quality players that we have. Gerrard knows what’s required.....it’s the players who cannot deliver not the manager
  8. Bollocks. its too big for the players. Have a clear out and we go again. Gerrard quitting now will set us back 2 years minimum I believe Gerrard is the man to take us forward
  9. It’s not the boards fault, and it’s not Gerrard fault. It’s SDM who carries the blame. He fucked us up big time
  10. That is a definite possibility. Blame. SDM for this. He placed the club in a position of vulnerability and the truth is we have never recovered.
  11. We should be 3 up. Missing a pen is shocking...wtf did Tav not step up...? Bottling bastards
  12. I understand the frustration and disappointment with our form after the break, but i honestly think that the reaction in Bears Den is OTT. Typically on this board the reaction is wildly optimistic ( when we win ) and absolute depression when we lose. I believe we have a bright dedicated, ambitious young manager ( who is also a fan of the club ). The recent faults are player dominated errors , ( & please don’t say “ Gerrard bought the players” ) he’s not on the park. Gerrard has given us victories against the unwashed, has improved us in Europe. The reality is we have a ser
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