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  1. The lack of speed and the amount of sideways passes just plays into the other teams game plan. Aribo should have never came off and Hagi should have been on for Davis or Kamara. We have a lack of movement but when anyone does try to move into space to many players go for the safe option.
  2. It is worrying that we take to many touches and fast link up play is rare and when we do it usually ends up with to many passes with no one wanting to shoot. It was highlighted before how much space Tav leaves between him and the CB. I thought that the formation was going to be changed so Patterson and Tav could play at same time. I think that would make us better defensively and that would give other players confidence to play more attacking.
  3. Worrying how little clear chances we created and lack of urgency until they scored. Got it wrong going so defensive with the midfield.
  4. Tough one but Kent just scares them moves them about to make space for other players. The others would be Roofe and Davis both of them are really clever players that showed with Roofe and the two goals and Davis ran the game from midfield
  5. Great day especially Alfie getting a goal from a nutmeg on Brown and then getting taken off as well. We have Davis they have Brown not even close.Would have liked another few goals but they couldn’t get near us. They can’t say because they only had 10 on the park they couldn’t beat us with 11 on the park any other time.
  6. Don’t think we finish with 11 on the park and they should have had a booking for the professional fouls. Scored two good goals and have dealt with them well. That tackle from Davis just shows how well he reads the game. Only concerns are Aribo giving the ball away but with McGregor being sent off might give him a bit more time. We need to watch the runs that Ajer makes would love for him to fuck it up and we score from it but looks easy for him then he usually continues into the box.
  7. Think we need Arfield on to help out Balogun so would have to be for Hagi but you could easily take off Aribo as well both Hagi and Aribo have the ability just don’t see it often enough. Wright could be an option bit more direct to cause them problems.
  8. We have had a great run in Europe always a bonus but gets more money into the club and experience for the players for what they can expect at this level. They broke the game up and well organised. We weren’t at our best made mistakes which they capitalised on but these games are a step up from what we are used to in the league. The players just need to focus on the next game now.
  9. Poor first half and need to step up but usual type of game against Livingston need to score 1 or 2 before they will start to lose their shape. If we can appeal Alfie’s yellow they can’t say there wasn’t enough contact to go down since they let Ajeti away with it and Alfie wasn’t even looking for it. Can we appeal the red for Gerrard as well? I Would like to see a statement from the club asking for clarification on how the ref came to those decisions because it’s pretty blatant if that wasn’t Alfie it would have been a different decision and just pure ego from the ref for anyone daring to question to him
  10. Defo a pen but it didn’t even look like Alfie was looking for a pen after the contact just went down and got back up. Just shows he is treated differently
  11. Ref is just at it no penalty for the handball no yellow for the lunge at Tav but Borna first foul yellow and that was never a penalty. That’s ignoring the amount of extra time and don’t think De Laet was booked for the foul on Aribo. They are there for the taking but we will be up against it
  12. Yassss and we will have another 40 minutes of he shouldn’t be on the park to score ohh the pain in their voices
  13. They must have ran out of angles to show the Morelos incident and it went from nothing to a yellow then a red and now wanting a retrospective ban. In real time didn’t look that bad and if he had stamped on him with any force sure there would be more damage or porteous wouldn’t have gotten back up. Looked to me as if Alfie was still concentrating on getting ball while Porteous was down and starting roll about. Unfortunately we know Alfie does have that nasty streak in him and will never be given the benefit of the doubt.
  14. I thought we upped it a bit in the second half but not enough. I’m surprised Kent stayed on as long as he did seemed to be caught in two minds every time he got the ball. Given how the game was going I thought Defoe would have came on for Kent and played with 3 strikers. Other than their clearance off the line we didn’t work their keeper enough.
  15. I think Aribo would offer us more and be a bit more direct. I haven’t seen Arfield make to many runs beyond and been a bit slack with passing at times.
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