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  1. When I need your advice I will whistle all you frustrated want-to-be-mods are the same everywhere, full of your own self importance..
  2. The existing board would have nothing to do with an independent EGM called by the requisitioners except pay for said meeting and be bound by any majority decision, enough excuses do the business or get off the pot.
  3. At the AGM the present board have no choice all positions are up for endorsement or not, the requisitioners appear amateurish in the extreme as I said they could force their own EGM as anyone in a position of power would do and impose a majority vote on the sitting board, their failure to do so speaks volumes as to the weakness of their position both financial and support wise.
  4. Apparently it is not the done thing to draw attention to the shortcomings of the fan bodies or those that are at their heads, as can be seen by the attacks on The Host.
  5. There is nothing to stop the requisitioners convening their own GM and billing the club, so why don't they.
  6. I doubt anyone is playing hardball, probably and more simply the requisitioners are short of the support they are alleged to have to force any issue.
  7. As title. Think the second 13/09/2013 should be 30/09/2013 Company Rangers Int. Football Club PLC TIDM RFC Headline Further to requisition of general meeting Released 07:00 10-Sep-2013 Number 5771N07 RNS Number : 5771N Rangers Int. Football Club PLC 10 September 2013 10 September 2013 Rangers International Football Club plc ("Rangers", the "Company" or "Club") Further to requisition of general meeting Further to the announcement on 4 September 2013, the Company confirms that whilst the Board's discussions have continued with
  8. Your words on the keevins thread and you have the brass neck to opine about pish. "not really worthy of getting upset about on this one lads".
  9. Your hypocrisy as to keevins comments being best ignored and spence's prosecuted is ludicrous, in case you missed it the gherald printed the bbc reply/explanation to the spence comments complaints, it was many things an apology was not one of them. Could be worse britney could describe as some sort of secret police, he would probably get away with it just like keevins.
  10. I can see you like to change your mind, if you don't want to voice your opinion fine, if you do I won't take it as badgering. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=258468&st=80#entry1061369189
  11. You'll be complaining about keevins next and his misrepresentation of the facts, maybe not.
  12. People who post on message boards that they would rather keep their opinion to themselves are a strange breed.
  13. I have no such uncertainty AJ should have no involvement at Ibrox.
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