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  1. Dalcio would have been a decent player under a good manager.Played first two games this season and scored already ...watch his stats this season he is only 22
  2. Private party and people filming it for the net 😏😏😏
  3. Hi GB hope your well mate!Keep up the good work.Count me in,start another job abroad in a few weeks so will make sure what you require is covered going forward! All the Best
  4. Another year of virtually spending fuck all.How many years now.Want to win the league the a few 5-6 million pound players are required not loan and bargain basement spl players
  5. Andy Halliday was shite and a whipping boy for years...look at him now.Borna needs a good season with the Manager and plenty games
  6. GB you will be truly missed by so many people!! You have done so much good for so many,our truly special armed forces veterans.Dont think I have ever blindly given money to someone who I knew would do so much good with it. Guess it's time to keep a promise I made to you years ago. I have a pair of signed Vladimir Weiss boots in a display case( I believe these were his cup final boots V scum ) You can have it for a fundraiser or auction and I will put a donation into the account when I start my new job abroad soon. Be healthy mate and enjoy time away from this
  7. Loses his edge when the candyman isnt with him
  8. Great work as always ,will put my money in for this season next few days GB
  9. A true Ranger who conducted himself with absolute class like Sandy Jardine. Will be greatly missed by so many at our beloved institution. RIP Sir and thoughts with the whole family. A real legend
  10. Goosetav or the mask???
  11. A shitebag under 4 Managers! Get him to fuck,no class or nearly good enough for Rangers. Too many on bleat about him like he is a world beater. Empty jersey ,empty head get him to fuck!
  12. Without doubt it should have been Arthur Numan!Guy is a legend and has real class, wouldnt catch him talking shite on the radio or in a newspaper!
  13. Numan,Mols,Amo and big Jorg are true legends and love the club and do so much to get involved at any opportunity. Arthur Numan should be an official Ambassador instead of Kings sooth Efrican mate Gough. Is that Walter two along from Tom Miller?? Face like fizz and not joining in!
  14. Joe Dodoo!Needs a good run with Cummings
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