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  1. Sad newsi...thoughts with family and friends, fly high and free brother bear
  2. Get well soon big man thoughts thoughts and prayers
  3. Jeff was superb, could listen to his stories all night !... True bear ! And superb interviewing from oxger !watp
  4. Stay strong Falkirk Bear, you are a fine example to everyone my friend. WATP
  5. Great show last night, well done to all involved. The banter in the "lobby" was top class also, the show is run by Bears for Bears and is a right good listen, Bears from all over the world love it, as it keeps them up to date on The Gers, in their own accent. Give it a go Bears , your input will be very welcome ... watp!
  6. What a Beautiful Story ... and here's how it goes! Tremendous effort by all concerned, well done you bears ... watp
  7. Keep on Keeping on Cutty and Johnny ... True Bears ...
  8. Hope this all works out for us, i really do ! i canny wait tae shut a certain group of fans gubs fur them ! mon the Rangers ... WATP
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