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  1. 24 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

    He'd poor finishing in what has been an exceptional season. We sell him in January then we write off all chance if the league. As much because our system revolves around him solely leading the line plus scoring. 

    I get being pissed with him missing a penalty, but talk of selling him for that or due to him failing to score against the taigs is fucking childish petulance.

    I'm not pissed because he missed one penalty against them, I'm pissed because he's never scored against them, even though he's had so many chances ... Not to mention at least 3 good chances he fucked up today. 

    If we aren't ruthless right now then we'll turn into another Aberdeen ..  this team isn't good enough.

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  2. Just now, Thornliebanktrueblue said:

    You win leagues by dominating games and creating chances.  You lose occasional games. celtic were SHIT. 

    How can they win the league when they play 90 mins without one single onside shot on target.  



    They have just won the first cup of the season & they are ahead in the league ... It doesn't matter a fuck if we dominate games, we don't win ! 


  3. 2 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

    Aye so we should sell our leading goal scorer when the league is far from over. Fucking genius, and who gives a fuck about the French cunt.

    We should if we want a player who will score against our only rivals in Scotland 

  4. Honestly I was Morelos biggest fan this morning. 

    A player is only as good as his last game ... His last 2 have been shambolic, & they were the ones that mattered. 

    Would Boyd, Prso, Novo, Shota etc have missed that penalty tonight ? No chance. 

  5. Just now, stevotrueblue said:

    away n wash yer mouth out.  Had he got over that curse against em today he wid likely have gone on and banged in a hat trick

    But he fucking never !!! 


    Will you be saying this in 10 games time ? ... 'when he finally scores against them ' 

  6. 26 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

    He wont change the centre halves for a cup final. Katic is a good player but think people would do well to remember that he has had his own fair share if howlers this season, not least in the Old Firm game when celtic deliberately left him with the ball as they knew he’d likely give them it back, which he did. That doesn’t excuse the defending last night but it’s not as clear as some would like to make it out 

    Yet it was Goldson who literally gave the ball to them for the first goal. 

  7. I love the big man so maybe I'm biased, but that centre defence of ours is terrible. 

    If Helander was bought for £3k instead of £3m everyone would want him punted to the reserves. Goldson is untouchable so no point even discussing his place in the team. 

  8. Best since McCoist I would say. The start of the season I might have out Jelavic & Prso ahead of him but he's putting daylight between him & them, his form this season has been ridiculous. 

    I honestly wouldn't want to sell him for any amount right now, don't think I've loved a player like him since Gazza left. 

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