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  1. It's said a picture paints a thousand words and this one is no exception. All real men who probably grafted all week and savoured the moment when they attended Ibrox on a Saturday to watch the Rangers. No shitty distractions back then like retail parks for the wife to drag you around to bore the arse off of you looking at supposed bargains and tat. Men who brought up their children to believe in the protestant ethic of hard work and graft and do what is right. No conversations about your lad being gender neutral or otherwise as that topic was non existant thankfully. Back then I also wore a b
  2. You can't miss Cowdenbeath mate, nobody who has ever left the place has ever missed it. Joking aside it's just off the A92 and you ride (Sorry drive) through the main street and watch for the signs to the football ground. You''ll find that the pubs are in the main bear friendly as Cowdenbeath was a former mining town populated by people with the protestant work ethic. Unfortunately a few beggars chose to make it their home town but they are easily spotted by their markings of rotten teeth and grey and green hooped shirts. Every chance they will be driving stolen cars over the greens of the lo
  3. Bit before my time to recall them playing but I remember in the late sixties and early seventies the bus park for Rangers supporters going to Hampden was there (Or more to the point outside it). Back then the terracing was still intact complete with crush barriers although all manner of weeds were growing. The main stand was falling to pieces. Interesting to note that Sirglugalot says the pitch and sections of terracing are still there. I would have thought it would be long gone. Talking of bus parking I recall one Wednesday night Scottish cup final replay against the mhanks when some bus driv
  4. I'm of a certain age who remembers him as a player and there is no doubt whatsoever he was a legend as a player as his goal scoring record proves. I can understand a lot of younger members on here decrying him as they probably never saw him play basing their judgements on his managerial skills alone. Yes he was a terrible manager of that there is no doubt and I could see that prior to the admin episode.I Remember Walter used to leave him on his own in the dug out for cup games but usually had to come down from the stand to dig him out of a hole. Personally I have mixed emotions at this moment
  5. Faux outrage is the way of the tarriers and we don't need it amongst our support. I appreciate your support through thick and thin but don't slag others off as many have other commitments apart from football.
  6. I recall as a young lad going to Cowdenbeath for a pre season friendly when he came back. He was brought on as a substitute but it was easy to see that his best years were behind him. Sad really as at the time my late father was explaining what a great player he was. Back then we didn't have the benefit of the internet to see him at his best as we do now with all the archive footage that is available. Have watched many of his golden moments playing for us plus appearances for Scotland and the guy will always be a legend.
  7. Some quotes from pzj on twitter tonight: "Let us just say, all the hard work done and put in by the 'Wee team' was all worth it" "sunday is always a good day to reveal things. A wonderful day of rest ;) Good night Bears, and have a great Sabbath." "To all cfc supporters, I hear Sunday is a bad day to get bad news. But hey, you cant have everything after all you won a mickey mouse league."
  8. Good pisstake. Even the daft mhanks must be feeling rather silly now.
  9. According to official site 41,349. An exceptional turn out indeed.
  10. Bear in mind that at the backs of the goals of the old Ibrox the layout was hemispherical (Big word that,even for me). To make the stands closer to the pitch and the goalmouths it was necessary for this layout. When the old main stand was built this would I assume be designed to fit in with the existing layout at the time (that word hemispherical again,sorry) Not trying to take the piss Inigo but it's just an honest reply and hope you realize that.
  11. Great set of photos and have saved them on my PC. Liked the one with the MK1 Ford Escort (Just hope the guy who owned it didn't suffer the problems I did with mine). If memory serves we well Raith Rovers bought a load of the old multi coloured seats when they were changed out for blue ones. These photos showcase the beginning of what was to become and still is one the best football stadiums in the world.
  12. Difference this season is that we are up against more full time teams and a generally harder division / league of teams who have more ex premier league players of a higher calibre than before and we have to up the ante and I 'm sure they will regardless of Ally's managerial abilities. Keep the faith and don't be so pessimistic FFS
  13. In my house not far from Stark's Park and the roars as each goal go in is undeniably from Gers supporters. Not too long ago would have got a ticket locally for the home end and maybe get a bit of light hearted stick. Nowadays such is the hatred that has been festering for the last few years against us I wouldn't dare doing that now. Plus I'm one of these who won't be giving them a penny of my money. Still fresh on my mind of their gloating in my local boozers when we went into admin.Anyway enough of the whinging from me go on Rangers and keep banging in the goals.
  14. The 2 month thing is for the EC to inform the company / persons under investigation if it will go any further or otherwise. This has gone well beyond that period and as we speak the EC are continually being provided with new evidence by PZJ, football tax havens etc., so this is still under investigation and could continue for a while yet. Only an idiot and let's hope the EC guys investigating this are not, would see these scumbags as some kind of innocent party in all this.
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