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  1. Q. When is a stamp not a stamp? A. When your bigotry and hatred clouds all rational judgment. It’s almost as if they are trying to appease a certain person and club that they may have upset.
  2. “Reverse, reverse, reverse...”
  3. 18 passes then the shot at goal to score. Passing about at the back then moving it forward and speeding it up with a few decisive passes opening them up , great goal.
  4. Given the choice, would you use a cross or a stake?
  5. Is that Benny from Top Cat ?
  6. What’s he trying to say, 15 out of twenty in a row ? Frank, Tommy, Kevin.. yer times up.
  7. Step forward Brendan Rodgers who funnily enough has managed both.
  8. In before you It’s not even a good 1690
  9. The rules have been there for all to follow, but aye Neil, it’s political. Why does he’s think they should be above the rules after they chose to put themselves in the position that the rules could decimate them. Nobody to blame but their stupid, pompous, arrogant, stinking , manky bead rattling selves.
  10. Gerrard after the Aberdeen game said something along the lines of he wasn’t happy with the way we overplayed it. The management team know we’re not playing great and will be working away to sort any faults we have. Our performances will improve again as the management team work on it in training.
  11. We’ve not been playing that well recently, seem a bit lethargic and unable to raise the pace of a game when we need to, but if this is as bad as our loss of form goes we will still win the league by a canter. Few players out injured just now as well plus with the amount of games we’ve played we are bound to drop form a bit. If you’d said at the start of the season 21 wins and 3 draws I’d have taken it.
  12. Kent can’t even control or pass the ball and should have been hooked long before the last 5mins.
  13. Hope Liam Kelly doesn’t have a good game. As long we create enough chances it shouldn’t matter anyways.
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