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  1. As someone else said, he was taking them for a walk.
  2. When Keevins even says it’s not a red card you know there was fuck all in it.
  3. Time in the second half he had 3 or 4 going after him and he kept the ball
  4. murzo


    The block in the first half was brilliant
  5. One below Malcolm, Kevin Muscat
  6. Yeah , my bad. Fully fit for large periods of time over the last 2 years but no injuries and fit for last 8months.
  7. Probably right but does say he’s been fit.
  8. Wilshere has said he’s been fit to play the last two years but not been picked.
  9. Carrying pyrotechnics. I don’t think he’s anything to worry about tho, he’ll be let off
  10. Fair enough, kind of get your thinking.
  11. Mibees aye, mibees no More or less of a scumbag than Kenny Miller or any of the rats?
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