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  1. Don’t think McGregor has done much wrong this season. Maybe he needs to play more to keep his sharpness.
  2. Imagine getting pissed. imagine getting pissed and jumping into your car. Imagine getting pissed , jumping into your car and knocking someone down. Imagine getting pissed, jumping into your car, knocking someone down and not stopping and they die. Don’t care what he’s having to deal, fuck him. Imagine the poor lads family and what they’re having to deal with.
  3. Yes , but one didn’t have the choice. Tragic for the young lad killed, absolutely no sympathy for the selfish, careless behaviour of someone who, as it has been mentioned, has already been done for DD.
  4. No, he said he was hoping to have Goldson back but would go with Simpson and Balogun if need be
  5. False equivalence…. is so disheartening. If he actually believes what he has written then he is showing himself up to be as bigoted and racist as the ones who actually wrote the tweets.
  6. Can’t get the link to work mate
  7. Thought that , even half that cost would be taking the piss. Could get Barry from eastenders for £25 , but I suppose he was too busy with condolences for terry Munro
  8. Is 12k the going rate for someone to do half a days work on an advert. Someone that isn’t really a house hold name in Glasgow let alone Scotland . Given to charity thankfully but £12000 for her seems overpriced.
  9. That’s you fucked in 10years time.
  10. Hope this works as well as people wearing masks going into the game, 75% don’t bother and no one stops them.
  11. “I thought being a comedian meant I could use any phrases, any words, say anything and they wouldn’t be taken out of context.” We all know she’s lying anyway, but ignorance isn’t an excuse.
  12. Deny, deflect and blame someone else.
  13. “… all the opinion formers getting involved.” People telling people what to think and how to act and be offended. That’s tragic. Also, how is a march anti-catholic? So Gay Pride must be anti- heterosexual , Remembrance Sunday is anti-German.
  14. Or knows @The Dude from the real world.
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