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  1. As @born a blue nose said the job Gerrard has done, not how many trophies, blows your mind. Where we were when he came in to now is mind blowing. Out of the squad that Gerrard inherited, how many could be sold on for serious money or looked like they could cut it at Rangers. Look at it now and there’s players worth 20 mill and at least 2/3 other that would easily sell for £10mill+. He’s transformed the training, the mindset and has instilled an ethos and put expectations on players that they either have to meet or gtf. Behind the scenes changes were made at the training centre and stadium
  2. How come you’ve not had 20% off? That’s what’s off my bill for two tops.
  3. I know someone has already posted that they’ve cancelled their order because of the time delay. If it was anything other than Rangers I’d have done the same and told them to gtf. Like you say tho, it’s bad form and isn’t really acceptable.
  4. Me as well. Two kids first batch and still nothing.
  5. I’m 38 bruv, cut cut cut goal. He’s obviously not got the pace he had but still has the skill and knowledge to take the piss in the spfl and try and coach others in training on how to do it.
  6. Think this aged him ten years
  7. Knew there was some connection but couldn’t remember what it was
  8. Did an ex tarrier player own a pub across the road from the ferry terminal?
  9. Pish stained alcoholic that’s bitter as fuck, he’s well trained for them.
  10. Wonder if a few academy players might be loaned to Kelty next season.
  11. I’m the same mate. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if next season’s strips are out before 1st batch at this rate.
  12. I can’t remember, Was this the same season he was told he needed an op on his knee or cruciate ligament or something but he said no and played games regardless.
  13. Surprised the op never called it freedom square. Would be happy to see blue badgers name in green.
  14. If you’re going to call someone an idiot then best not make an arse of it.
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