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  1. Play Patterson right back, Tav left back because in the second half Tav plays the side of the pitch that Barisic plays in the first half anyway so knows the position well.
  2. Only just clocked this, great viewing. Looking forward to the official release of the season. Used to have all our 9iar on vhs, happy days.
  3. If duffy can earn a living in from a premiership team , if Maguire can move for 80mill to Man U then Helander would do alright.
  4. What part of the post did you like@Monkey Butler?
  5. It’ll then depend on who wants to leave or is happy staying. No need to sell Hagi if for talking sake Morelos wants to move on. Better selling players in the summer who are getting itchy feet for as much as we can while letting Hagi develop a bit, and hopefully increase his transfer fee in the future.
  6. Not quite the garngad , more Provanmill but Royston is blue
  7. I would love it if Rangers show the camera footage and there is no violence.
  8. Yeah I thought that was a bit odd.
  9. And a massive apology to Kamara
  10. It makes slavia Prague’s statement even more laughable if Kamara has lamped him. Got upset to the point of throwing a punch because he was called a ‘fucking guy’. UEFA will say there’s no proof of any racial slur but we’ll get hammered for doing something about it as there were officials in the tunnel.
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