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  1. We should be complaining about the lack of coverage of our matches on BBC, supposedly a PUBLIC SERVICE broadcaster. The lying bastards ecen say we are in dispute with them. They're the ones who spat the dummy.
  2. But Willem II and Standard Liege dont have plastic pitches. As Graeme 4 said it's mentality and some of our players seem to have a problem with plastic pitches. Don't forget the result at Livingston.
  3. Aye Morelos will play most of the games.....until he's suspended. It appeared at first that he had learned to control himself but his display against the scum showed that nothing has changed. The manager has warned him in the past about his churlish behaviour and sometimes he is a disgrace to the Rangers jersey. I wonder how Mr Struth would have dealt with him?
  4. Well that's four 2 goal wins on the trot. OK, should have been more v Ross County and today but another two 2 goal wins next week will do me nicely, thank you.
  5. At last we're not losing to the likes of Livingston, Hamilton and Kilmarnock this season. That's what cost us the league since we came back up.
  6. To think that it's not that long ago we would have been over the moon to be two up at h-t.
  7. great to see a bench that doesn't make you cringe and worry about even one substitution.
  8. Beginning to feel like my first season at Ibrox with big Geordie Young at the heart of the Iron Curtain. Would still like to see a Harold Davis in the side to sort out the hammer throwers.
  9. My concern is that some of the players who would not be getting regular stats become disillusioned. A regular rotation, particularly up front, is needed to keep them happy.
  10. With Lille winning 4 - 1 away, next Thursday could be another sweet evening. We must surely be favourites to beat Lech Poznan at Ibrox and the scum will be up against it in France. Now if only the sheep can get at least a draw on Sunday.........
  11. Well Davie Weir did a good job for us when he was supposedly past it as did Willie Telfer.
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