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  1. Not according to Sadiq Khan. He said that there would be no open areas where Scots supporters could congregate. That was on Wednesday so I suppose things could have changed.
  2. Just announced on the BBC website that the two top targets are Nuno and Moyes. Moyes has agreed, but not yet signed, a new 3 year contract with West Ham. Maybe the lure of returning to Goodison would be enough to sway him. Nuno had a successful 4 year stint at Wolves so I would think that both of these would have to turn Everton down before they would even think about SG. We'll just need to wait and see.
  3. WTF. It was all over F/B at the weekend that his agent is speaking to clubs. Until the club make an announcement no-one knows what will happen.
  4. I see that the Mayor of London has advised fans without tickets not to travel as Trafalgar Squre will not be accessible due to it being a designated area for front line workers. Nippy and the SFA have also asked fans not to travel. Now I think that there is a snowball's chance in Hell that there will not be the usual invasion by the tartan trannies BUT, how many of them will be the ones who were up in arms about our fans going to George Square? Also, will Police Scotland be taking any action against any who do travel? It will be interesting to see the reaction when it is not Rangers'
  5. Don't see why not. Plenty Scottish managers in the past have been club managers. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they went back to the selection committee method of picking the team.
  6. It was not just the falling over but, in my opinion, more so the continual cynical treatment handed out to Kent. Whenever it looked as if he could go on a run, he was either hauled down or had his legs chopped. We were not beaten by a better team but a more streetwise bunch of thugs.
  7. FFS don't say this is just the start or the muttonheids will say we're admitting to being a new club.
  8. I've just managed to pre-register so worth trying again now
  9. We older bears will remember Andy Goram had the chance to play for Scotland against Australia at cricket. The club said no even although there was only miniumum chance of injury and it was during the summer. Goram accepted the decision although it really would have been his only chance. Hard on Hagi but he should to likewise.
  10. Quite agree. And the reason there was oly one yellow was that they were taking it in turns. I said at the time that it was clear that they had decided on the best way to stop Kent. I was even wanting Rangers to walk off in protest as some of the "tackles" were more like GBH.
  11. Could be worse. At least he has ignored the chattering mob and not picked Griffiths.
  12. And to think that there arr some who wanted him to go in the summer (Bluenoz. Rangers No 1, Mols 94, graeme_4 for example).
  13. Going up where? The game is at Ibrox; that is why the trophy is being presented.
  14. Fuck this k.o. time. I've got an MRI scan at 11.50 am. No way I could get home in time so will have to rely on recording it and hope that no cunt discloses the score.
  15. WTF have you got against Hagi? For a player his age he is an exceptional talent. If we can hold onto him for a couple of seasons we will be able to cash in big time, IMHO.
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