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  1. Don't think SG will risk Jack from the start, especially if the pitch is as bad as has been stated. I think that the starting XI from Saturday did enough to start again. Expect to see Jack getting 30 minutes off the bench, though.
  2. Oh I do remember one thing about them from the media "SUPERCALLYGOBALLISTICCELTICAREATROCIOUS". I honestly don't remember anything about the goal you posted about.
  3. Oh my memories not too bad. I remember Alex Scott getting thrown into the barrier at Anderlacht and playing the second half looking like a WW1 casualty. I remember Willie Henderson being chased by an opponent at Ibrox and running behind Harold Davis I remember the Italian flag being torn down from the covered terracing when the Fiorientina goalkeeper ran out to the six yard box when Eric Caldow missed a penalty which should have been retaken but wasn't. Alas, I also remember the gubbing we got from Eintracht Frankfurt - 12-4 over two legs. Ah but these are all Rangers' memories.
  4. Wqw! A Rangers fan who remembers a taig goal from 5 years ago. And we say that they're obsessed.
  5. Followed the game on the match thread so thoroughly appreciated seeing these. Many thanks WATP & GSTQ.
  6. I got pelters for defending SG on here and comparing the time SAF had before Man U won anything under him. Don't feel so bad now!
  7. He can still lead us to a Treble this year viz. League Champions, Scottish Cup Winners & Europa League Winners. That would really lead to one massive timplosion.
  8. Maybe that's because Dungcaster has confirmed that it is not ruled out.
  9. Two excellent, well taken goals. As long as Kent keeps on form then we can look forward to a barrowload of goal from Alfredo. I don't think it was a coincidence that both were off form together. Alfie feeds of Ryan.
  10. Maybe the Club shoud iterate this statement just so that the SFA/SPFL remember that we are watching
  11. He probably knows the rules better than the Scottish refs.
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