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  1. When you watched Geordie Young and Willie Waddell Nacho is recent.
  2. I mind a game not so long ago at Easter Road when we lost a goal in the first 5 minutes. went on to win 4-1. Nacho played a blinder that day.
  3. This is not a bad line-up assuming Balogun is fit. If not, I play Bassey in his place. it will be interesting to see the bench.
  4. At least the rest of the team have had some good games.
  5. Read what I actually wrote: people like you, not you specifcally.
  6. That was the real legacy of those days. Attendances in level 4 exceeding EPL attendances.
  7. Bet you didn't have that problem with big George McLean's wife. She was one of the Tennant's Lager girls.
  8. The table I have up has them in third place. They clearly assume that both of us wil win our games in hand as it has us top. As far as we are concerned, probably correct but, as for them, look what happened to their first team last season with their games in hand! Also, they play Spartans tomorrow who are 10 points clear of them.
  9. At last revenge of a sort for 1967. First team couldn't even beat them in 2012.
  10. I see that their B team in the Lowland League are almost as bad. Anoyher loss this week to East Stirlingshire at home. We are second butwith 2 games in hand.
  11. I like the look of that sidebut you'll get pelters for dropping Tav, even although he has been shite for most of this season.
  12. Wish we could see this from the first team.
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