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  1. Alas we will be forced to sell to balance the books. Better get used to it as this will be a regular scene. We are now having to be a selling club to survive.
  2. With comments like that, you have just screwed up your release. Back to the padded cell for you.
  3. Thank fuck you're not the manager then. Aribo is a class player and we will be lucky to hold onto him for next season.
  4. As someone posted earlier, some of our supporters just can't see a quality player.
  5. Who gives s fuck? More stupid Americanisms being adopted in this country.
  6. Quite agree. No info on the match, no stats, no update on injuries. Wish the amateurs would leave it to posters such as RFC Robertson who know what they are doing.
  7. Not CL but the original European Cup when you had to win your league to qualify, I was in the centre stand when we played Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960. They had already beaten us 6-1 in Germany but with the optimism of youth I was sure we could turn it round. Alas it wasnot to be and we suffered a 3-6 loss. Was so disappointed that we would not be in the final at Hampden until Real Madrid took Eintracht apart; God knows what they would have done to us
  8. And IF (highly unlikely) we were allowed to transfer to English football, we would be back down in their lower leagues and have to work our way back up just like 2012. If anyone thinks we would be allowed to walk straight into the Premier League then they are seriously deluded.
  9. Have seen this happen in other sports eg Kerry Packer's cricket "circus" and the Provincial League in Speedway. Always comes back to a return to an acceptable compromise.
  10. I think that Alfie must be in with a shout. He may not have scored as many goals as last season but many of those he has scored have been vital. However, his overall play has improved greatly and he is much more of a team player than before. in addition, he has, for the most part, curbed his petulance meaning fewer cards therefore fewer suspensions
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