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  1. Going up where? The game is at Ibrox; that is why the trophy is being presented.
  2. Fuck this k.o. time. I've got an MRI scan at 11.50 am. No way I could get home in time so will have to rely on recording it and hope that no cunt discloses the score.
  3. WTF have you got against Hagi? For a player his age he is an exceptional talent. If we can hold onto him for a couple of seasons we will be able to cash in big time, IMHO.
  4. Voted for Davis. When he has been absent we have not been so creative. We have still looked solid when Tav & Shagger have not been in the side and Goldson has had a few poor games.
  5. Amazes me that some people can't think.
  6. Has to be Davis for me. Reminds me so much of the late great John White and I don't think even he scored with an overhead kick.
  7. My only concern would be the risk of injury. Look at the way many of the teams played against us in the lower leagues whilst we were working our way back up (and also some of the PL teams). Our first team squad were savvy enough to know how to take care of themselves and some still got crocked. Would our youngsters survive against the hammer throwers? Unless the standard of refereeing is greatly improved (no laughing at the back!), I would rather not risk it.
  8. There are none so blind as those who will not see!
  9. I think that Alfie must be in with a shout. He may not have scored as many goals as last season but many of those he has scored have been vital. However, his overall play has improved greatly and he is much more of a team player than before. in addition, he has, for the most part, curbed his petulance meaning fewer cards therefore fewer suspensions
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