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  1. This season the SC will have to be completed before the qualifying rounds of the EL as the cp winners go into that. the third and 4th in the league go into the new Euro competition IIRC. Maybe The Dude could confirm
  2. Hopefully so. One more cystoscopy next year. If OK, I will be officially discharged.
  3. 61 in 2011. The league brought a ray of sunshine into an otherwise shite year for me. Pensioned off on medical grounds due to an industrial injury in 2010, diagnosed with bladder cancer: I have spent the last ten years hoping I could hang on for the next league win - only a couple of weeks to go!
  4. Don't think it will make any difference. Every team we come up against now will be wanting to be the first team to beat us in the league. These final fixtures will be the hardest run we have had all season.
  5. Was that the driver who took him to the Quarantine hotel for 10 days?
  6. They also mentioned Rafa Benitez. Not only would they be unable to match his salary demands, remember he was unhappy at Newcastle because he didn't get a transfer budget of £100M.
  7. Definitely! That's my ringtone (excl TBB). Also love "No rosary beads or holy water", esp. the fourth line.
  8. Also there was no social media in Greig's day so, compared to Ally he got off lightly. And don't forget it was Ally who suggested that huddle at the piggery when we won the title there. That in itself makes him a legend in my eyes.
  9. That was/is never going to happen anyway. More chance of stopping taking the knee ffs.
  10. They won't give us one just as we didn't give them one. Load of shite anyway; imported from the good ol' US of A.
  11. Donation sent today to Govan Blue's A/c as this is the one I have on my bank site.
  12. Has he done more than Duffy and Barkas together? He cost less than the pair of them. I remember John White getting pelters from the Scottish fans for not doing enough yet he was an integral part of Tottenham's double double team.
  13. She was disciplined by the SNP and is sitting as an Independent. The SNP suggested that she resign her seat but cannot force her to do so. Her constituents could force a by election but have chosen not to exercise that right. Your comment sounds like the kind of grievous comment made by Nikeliar - totally without fact.
  14. Michael Jackson, known as Jacko, admitted in court that he liked to share his bed with young boys.
  15. All these cunts calling him "Jacko". Ffs he plays for Rangers not the nappy rippers.
  16. There is no fucking dilemma. In over 65 years following Rangers I have never heard such a load of shite. We expect to win every game, league, cups in Scotland, whatever European competition we are in. If Gerard plays a weakened team in Europe because of the League then he is not a worthy Rangers' manager Fortunately, I do not think his mind works that way.
  17. Maybe if the taigs had dropped their club captain earlier they would have been in a position to make a decent challenge. We don't expect him to excel every game but neither do we expect him to be shite for 6 weeks. Two consecutive missed penalties, wasted corners and useless attempts at crosses. He appears to have suffered a great loss of confidence.
  18. nd barely a word against Tav who has been shite for about a month.
  19. Agree 100% with this although I think SG may play Aribo rather than Jack because of the surface. Hope not.
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