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  1. I was only joking,I know how much my gers divides opinion on here,I’m don’t have much luck with streams so I pay RTV,Sky,BT Sports since I can’t just go to pub if my fire stick doesn’t work now.
  2. That’s what you get for not paying for the Virtual Watch Party with Jermaine and Clive😌
  3. I was surprised when I saw they were on the bench,I thought it was good that Steven Gerrard said Nathan came from a good family and that he had made mistakes when he was younger,Gerrard knows what the actual story was,so I’m happy to trust his judgment.
  4. Donation sent by PayPal,excellent work as always 👍
  5. That strip was worn in the 1964 cup final against Dundee,i don't think it used after the mid sixties,for some strange reason that picture looks like a photoshoot John Greig didn't have his beard in those days.
  6. I can see what they mean Joseph Thomas Shaugnessy from Galway laid it on a plate for Alfredo👍🏻
  7. He was at Stirling Albion for about ten years and played over 400 games for them when he left Rangers he signed for Dunfermline,Stewart Kennedy never played in the first team at all that season so he could been injured,Rangers gave Kennedy a free transfer at the end of the season and signed Jim Stewart about six months later.
  8. Willie turned up for a game at Ibrox early in his career wearing a long fur coat,John Greig spotted him and said look its Bud Flanagan after the comedian whose trademark was a long fur coat and the nickname stuck after that.
  9. If you park in the city centre get the underground to Ibrox.
  10. The highlights were on later that night,I listened to it on the radio.
  11. Charlton Athletic,six o’clock tonight it’s on the BBC Northern Ireland website.
  12. Thanks for all your amazing work for Erskine,hope your health picks up.
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