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  1. Billy Ritchie excellent goalkeeper who was a vital part of the wonderful team of the early sixties,had to play understudy to George Niven for about four years before he became the first team goalkeeper,played every game in the treble winning 1963/64 season and was outstanding in both games of the 1966 cup final when King Kai scored the winner in the replay.
  2. Wee Bud


    Gold 1426 points Rangers tv just got me over the line.
  3. You or your old man should have received an email from the club with a link to pay the instalment,if you didn’t get that you would have to email them ticket office,I’m assuming their still not accepting phone calls.
  4. The £10 discount should come off when you purchase your mygers membership.
  5. Wee Bud


    I could be wrong mate but I don't think you ticked the boxes for away games this season,I think you phone when each away game tickets become available and you get points for that and attending home games, etc and then points come into play for semi finals and finals.
  6. Was it not stated recently that under the terms and conditions we weren’t entitled to a refund,I’m lucky that I’m still working and wouldn’t have wanted the money back and have renewed for next season but surely the club can’t expect us to miss somewhere in the region of a third of home games if it’s behind closed doors and then just give us another voucher.
  7. I had to click on the link for non season ticket home games that was on the email confirming my season ticket, couldn't do it on the website.
  8. I am a Bluenose Loyal an True!
  9. John Greig's last two full seasons as manager the average attendances were 1981/82 18,519 and 1982/83 17,969, according to The Rangers Football Companion book over both seasons there where 9 games in total over both seasons with attendances under 10,000,one against Dundee the Saturday before Xmas, the rest were games near the end of two poor seasons, what I remember was being in the Toby Jug by about ten past five without leaving early!
  10. It was Scottish Cup tie about twenty years ago, Craig Moore scored the only goal of the game,I think it was moved because Cappielow couldn't get a safety certificate for the crowd they were expecting, your right about Morton fans,I think they used to call the cowshed at Cappielow little Dublin.
  11. It's time the Mods put the the old rockers in their place!
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