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  1. Donation made,can’t imagine what your going through,I can only hope that your family’s situation can get better.
  2. Its Kenny Watson,that picture is the on the cover of the John Greig Mystory book,its from a different angle and you can see Kenny behind big Peter and Davie Cooper,he came on as a sub that day and the cup final the following week.
  3. I think its about our celebrations against St.Mirren and the following day when they drew at Tannadice,that's why Lawwell says it was nothing to do with them,still a completely different attitude in dealing with the two club's.
  4. Not heard anything either,they did say if you haven’t received an email by 5 o’clock tonight you haven’t been picked.
  5. Watched it on the iPlayer,was an entertaining game,congratulations to Linfield.
  6. The picture would be 1977/78,Davie and Gordon both signed in 1977 and that was the last season we wore that strip.
  7. I was there,John looked terrified on the chariot,i was one of thousands at Easter Road the day we won it. Its magic you know you'll never get ten in a row!
  8. There's a ballot for MyGers members for a trophy experience on Monday 31st,not sure what it involves,think its only for a small amount
  9. Are you ok about what the Justice Secretary said on Twitter about the players in our team.
  10. Not received the 55 souvenir magazine that I ordered on the 9th March yet,I got the 55 malt whisky delivered last week.
  11. £5 donation sent by telephone banking,cheers.

  12. Hi,mate you can have the Cowdenbeath ticket if you still want it,I can meet you in Kilmarnock tomorrow or Livingston on Sunday,or Cowdenbeath on the night of the game,my phone number is 07549183149,cheers. Alex.

  13. £20 sent by PayPal.

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