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  1. I have no idea what you mean. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2011/jun/01/panorama-care-home-investigation-inspectors It can't be that, because they went into administration. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21674695 So anybody associated with old Castlebeck is fine. That includes: "Castlebeck is owned by a Jersey-based investment vehicle called Lydian Capital, which is backed by a group of Irish tycoons led by JP McManus, John Magnier and Dermot Desmond." You can see why certain individuals would prefer history to die with the companies they were involved with. Hey, celtic Boys Club doesn't exist any more. Case dismissed. All in the past. Nothing to see here. Scumbags. From top to bottom.
  2. At this rate big Fil will have put more Tims out of work than Thatcher. They were clinging onto the "can't play in front of crowds" narrative. That result destroyed them.
  3. Back in the 90s my mate and I used to go out in Glasgow. I know, what's wrong with Renfrew nightlife. His mum used to say that we should go out in Paisley instead, as Glasgow was too violent. Then one year there was a bunch of stabbings in Paisley. Pretty much one every weekend. His mum never moaned about us going out in Glasgow again. 😂
  4. Really liked him digging the ref up for his inconsistency with the cards towards the end. Our so called leaders should have been putting pressure on the referee in the same manner.
  5. The last 2 share issues I've done a 4 figure sum. I don't expect to make money on those shares. In fact anything above zero is a bonus. But I'd buy some shares off Dave King if that could be done. Only a few thousand. Not the millions he wants. But I won't join Club 1872. I'll proxy my shares to them, provided I agree with what they want to achieve. The biggest problem with 1872 is that club 1872 owns the shares, not the people who put the money in.
  6. Without heading into the weeds of accountancy, for most companies it is advantageous to reduce their profits as much as possible, so as to reduce their tax liability. That reverses when shares are traded on a stock exchange. To keep the share price up you want to look like you are making profits. Celtc are listed on AIM, so dress their balance sheet to look like they are financially sound and making profits. Since we left AIM we can focus on minimising our tax payments. So we'll make our balance sheet look like we're walking a solvency tightrope. Both clubs need significant money from Europe and rely on buying players, developing them at a profit and selling them on. The problem for Celtc is their transfer and wage bill has been spent on complete dross by TLB. Their "solution" is a complete hail Mary. Bring in a bloke who hasn't played or managed in Scotland. Buy a bunch of randoms cheaply who know nothing about playing in Scotland. Sell them all for a massive profit. Hmmmm! Let's see how that works.
  7. That would do me. There is a lot more misses than hits when it comes to loan signings over at the Chamber of Secrets or even here. I seriously doubt their dream team of Flange, BJK and the laptop guru will be bringing in what is required. With any luck they'll be trying to replace most of their squad this time next year.
  8. So this guy who has never played or managed in Scotland and already looks massively out of his depth has a little over a month until the window shuts. He needs to bring in an entirely new defence and goalkeeper as all of his current options are complete shit. Up front their best player has downed tools. Most of the rest look unfit and even when they are fit they are average at best. So he's got a month to work out the sorts of players he's going to need to compete in Scotland, identify players who are available, affordable and will fit in, bring them in and mould them all into a team. 😂
  9. As hinted at up thread our appeal would probably be just one word, Dubai. I wonder what Kennedy would think if most of his team were given 6 game bans with 2 suspended at the same time as they upheld Patterson's ban. One of the great things about them forcing the fat Jap out, he'd have ensured that Patterson sat the Scottish Cup out. He's off and so is his malignant influence.
  10. How much do we reckon his first signing, Ryan Fraser, is going to cost? £15M. Yes please. I implore the Shettlestons, announce Howe.
  11. At the risk of being a bit premature. Yaaaaas. He'll cost a fortune. When Howe left Bournemouth as player and manager, he was homesick and it was a disaster. It took Stevie 2 years to fully get to grips with Scottish football. It's a different game up here. We need them to miss out on the CL. Howe has never managed a European game. They need to rebuild the squad. Howe's transfer record is patchy. He gets credit for managing a team with a small stadium, when TV money means fan income is largely irrelevant. Bournemouth's owners put in a lot of money as well. He's never managed or played for a team that needs to win every week. There's nothing in his character that suggests he can handle that. Did I mention he'll cost a fortune?
  12. Please, please. If I can pick a Shettleston manager it's a guy who knows nothing about Scottish football. Also a guy who got homesick as both a player and manager when he went north of Cherwell Valley Services. It took Stevie a couple of seasons to get to grips with Scottish football. I'm sure the tarriers will be delighted to let Howe learn on the job while we canter to 56 and 57. He'll cost a fortune to get rid of. Much more than Keane would cost to get rid of. But I suppose Howe wouldn't be walking out having just put the heid on the skipper after yet another defeat.
  13. Of course. He works for the Club TV channel who still employ a racist. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/07/leigh-griffiths-rudi-skacel-chant_n_5104338.html Same club that deny that there racism towards Shay Logan or Alfie. If a national broadcaster was truly a national broadcaster then Stewart's feet wouldn't touch the ground as he was removed from the building. The vile BBC is the Pacific Quay CSC though, so they are happy with it.
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