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  1. As hinted at up thread our appeal would probably be just one word, Dubai. I wonder what Kennedy would think if most of his team were given 6 game bans with 2 suspended at the same time as they upheld Patterson's ban. One of the great things about them forcing the fat Jap out, he'd have ensured that Patterson sat the Scottish Cup out. He's off and so is his malignant influence.
  2. How much do we reckon his first signing, Ryan Fraser, is going to cost? £15M. Yes please. I implore the Shettlestons, announce Howe.
  3. At the risk of being a bit premature. Yaaaaas. He'll cost a fortune. When Howe left Bournemouth as player and manager, he was homesick and it was a disaster. It took Stevie 2 years to fully get to grips with Scottish football. It's a different game up here. We need them to miss out on the CL. Howe has never managed a European game. They need to rebuild the squad. Howe's transfer record is patchy. He gets credit for managing a team with a small stadium, when TV money means fan income is largely irrelevant. Bournemouth's owners put in a lot of money as well. He'
  4. Please, please. If I can pick a Shettleston manager it's a guy who knows nothing about Scottish football. Also a guy who got homesick as both a player and manager when he went north of Cherwell Valley Services. It took Stevie a couple of seasons to get to grips with Scottish football. I'm sure the tarriers will be delighted to let Howe learn on the job while we canter to 56 and 57. He'll cost a fortune to get rid of. Much more than Keane would cost to get rid of. But I suppose Howe wouldn't be walking out having just put the heid on the skipper after yet another defeat.
  5. Of course. He works for the Club TV channel who still employ a racist. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/07/leigh-griffiths-rudi-skacel-chant_n_5104338.html Same club that deny that there racism towards Shay Logan or Alfie. If a national broadcaster was truly a national broadcaster then Stewart's feet wouldn't touch the ground as he was removed from the building. The vile BBC is the Pacific Quay CSC though, so they are happy with it.
  6. Well one reason might be that their scumbag caretaker was assistant manager when TLB was slagging us for not giving them one. We'd give them a guard of honour if the roles were reversed, lied Popcorn Teeth. While having more faces than the town hall clock is situation normal for a tarrier, we should be calling them out for the low down, lying snakes that they are.
  7. At the time we told the mhedia it was reported to Police some Shettleston put a FOI request asking if Rangers had in fact reported it to Police. The FOI came back saying something along the lines of police files revealing the identity of people who reported potential crimes would not be released. So naturally that was twisted to mean that the files couldn't exist, therefore we must have been lying about reporting it. Standard tarrier behaviour in other words. Liars from cradle to grave.
  8. The TL:DR is, no one likes us we don't care. Alfie has learnt that reacting just makes things worse. So first that wanker Walker slagged him off for not reacting, because it was only a penalty if Alfie had reacted. Then Wanker saw the replays. Suddenly if Alfie had reacted he'd have got the penalty. Why didn't he react? Fuck the Fenian scum. What do people who aren't as bitter as that cunt think? The Europa League draw this week. Rangers, finalists in 2008. We're back where we belong. And every petty minded fucker who can't recognise what the Gaffer and his team have
  9. That's what Celtc have told the stock exchange. https://www.investegate.co.uk/celtic-plc--ccp-/rns/neil-lennon-to-depart-celtic/202102240700041135Q/ They have to get all regulatory news statements (RNS) signed off by their nominated advisor, who will have checked the paperwork before approving it. So yes, the cowardly bastard has absolutely resigned, rather than see us winning it at the Knew Camp.
  10. There's a reason that the Shettlestons in the media make such a big thing of incidents involving Alfie, where they don't give a shit about equivalent behaviour elsewhere. He's become an amazing team player this season. He frightens the life out of the defenders he plays against. Despite not scoring as many as last season, he's been so much better. My player of the year, despite the fact so many of our players have been absolutely brilliant.
  11. Even better when he puts them to the sword on the 21st of March to win 55.
  12. I get that Kent might need to do more against the dross. Sometimes he does phone it in. But in the big games, the boy delivers. He's still young though. That will come. I'd prefer it if it happened at Ibrox. Realistically though, somebody will give us an offer we can't refuse. Win 55 and they are legends, regardless.
  13. Not really. A journalist prints stuff that people don't want published. So a journalist would get a hold of as many photos of Celtc's jolly to Dubai and do an expose of just how many breaches of Covid-19 protocol took place and the players who needed to be investigated and banned by the authorities. A columnist says that mistakes were made and we have to move on.
  14. And we say. The employees involved will isolate for 10 days, will be fined and strongly reminded of their responsibilities. We would expect the football authorities to also take action as they did with Jones and Edmundson. However subsequent Covid breaches have been ignored, so it isn't clear what the current situation is.
  15. Other than the highlights here of Raith versus Hearts, I haven't seen young Kennedy. But it sounds like a typical youngster. Blows hot and cold. It was the same when they thought Turnbull and Soro would rescue their season. Neither were old enough or experienced enough to drive the scum onto the dozen or so wins in a row they would have needed to create a title race. Now that we've stopped the 10, hopefully it will be a little easier to bleed some of the youngsters into the team next season. They will need to need to learn how important consistency is, but hopefully pulling them in a
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