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  1. Definitely orchestrated, mad Phil has also done an article on it. MS has just taken over from the idiot Spiers.
  2. Met Tommy when he was out for a walk a couple of weeks ago. He told me he has good days and bad days however recently feeling a bit better. He has given up his golf this season. I think he was with family at Dundee when Jim’s statue was being unveiled.
  3. STV news tonight, 14 arrests for public disorders following orange walk on Saturday. Then went on to say a few were for sectarianism singing and they will view CCTV. This is what we are up against. There are more arrests on a Saturday night and STV would not report it.
  4. Glad to see him up and about however he looks very frail. Hope he continues to improve.
  5. On follow follow on Facebook. A clip from the Sun. Daily Rhebal only showing a pic of the group.
  6. In the video clip they are singing the party is over, why don’t you go home. The Media are just making a meal of it.
  7. Are Stenhousemuir RSC running A bus tonight for the Dunfermline game and are seats available.
  8. I still believe deal will fall through and Steve Clarke will end up as manager. I have thought this from the start.
  9. I would like to know if more females voted for them as a result of nippy being constantly on TV. Personally I know of people who voted for them because they thought she was handling pandemic well. If you disagreed you were just a unionist bigot.
  10. You generally find someone else always loads the gun and there is always an idiot that will fire it. He will be the useful idiot of the SNP and will be protected.
  11. Everything about the club is looking good. Exiting times ahead.
  12. Son bought 2. Dad you owe me £53 that includes postage. I replied it will arrive in time for Father’s Day. Thanks son 🥃
  13. That’s an issue that the enquiry should have brought up. Rangers have a responsibility to the youths that suffered under his hands while he was at our club. They have accepted this and again reinforced that the matter was dealt with appropriately at the time. The delay in statement could be the club was ensuring the i were dotted and the t’s crossed so they can substantiate they done the right thing at the time.
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