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  1. It’s only half time, in all honesty I will be happy even if it ends 1-1
  2. After reading that I am confident that the club have the right people at the helm. What a difference from a few years ago. Despite not winning a trophy yet getting Gerrard as manager has been the icing on the cake. We are only going in one direction and hopefully get 55 this year.
  3. Article is in times behind a paywall. Can someone copy and paste article
  4. Prize money in European club competitions will be cut for the next five years due to loses caused by COVID-19 pandemic. UEFA has told its 55 member associations that £514 million has been lost from its club competitions, the champions league and the Europa league, last season due to a reduction in sponsorship.
  5. Thanks Jules, loved watching the slap over and over again.
  6. Derry’s Walls was sung to the hymn Psalm 23 the Lords my Shepard before Being sung to Amazing Grace. Reminiscing now about the good old days. Our narrative this year to the scum is going for 55. I am confident we will do it.
  7. Semi-finals are October and November, only final in December
  8. Scottish cup semi-final and final to be played in December 2020.
  9. Davis was outstanding in first half. His experience is what we need.
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