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  1. Everything about the club is looking good. Exiting times ahead.
  2. Son bought 2. Dad you owe me £53 that includes postage. I replied it will arrive in time for Father’s Day. Thanks son 🥃
  3. That’s an issue that the enquiry should have brought up. Rangers have a responsibility to the youths that suffered under his hands while he was at our club. They have accepted this and again reinforced that the matter was dealt with appropriately at the time. The delay in statement could be the club was ensuring the i were dotted and the t’s crossed so they can substantiate they done the right thing at the time.
  4. Donald Park stated all governing bodies were aware there could have been a gathering of people in George square therefore benches should have been removed as which is usually the case. The police escorted fans from Ibrox to the square after Rangers had announced over tannoy for crowd to disperse and go home.
  5. To absent friends, lost a few on the journey back up. They will be looking down today with smiles on their faces.
  6. Davis for me he has been outstanding all season especially in the big games.
  7. They didn’t like the joke when the famine song was being sung. Did the record tell them to take it in the chin and grow a set. Gannon is just another republican reptile.
  8. Blair can leave now knowing all SPFL minutes are written and up to date for next person to take over. Corrupt bastard.
  9. Hopefully the team can handle the pressure and keep winning so you can start recording. Can’t wait 55 is coming.
  10. My thoughts were as there is no mention of injury to Julian he may be the person who is +ve
  11. I see there has been no video of the loving cup ceremony today. Could it be because of our hosts today.
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