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  1. No question it is bigger. We nearly didn't have a club to support and then had a year where title stripping was the key for our rivals. In my 55 years supporting Rangers this is going to top the lot. Really hoping we can retain our key players, recruit just as well for 21-22 and have Gerrard and the squad just as motivated as this year. Hopefully if we do that we can exert some dominance.
  2. 3 more points. 13 at the very most to go. Delighted. Well done the Rangers.
  3. Manager got team selection badly wrong I am afraid and more annoyingly left it too late in changing it. To leave that team in place for 60 minutes was poor. He really should have hooked a couple after 30 minutes. A draw losing a last minute goal was frustrating but I cannot argue that we deserved more.
  4. That is 2 very important goals Hagi has delivered for our 1-0 wins v Hibs and St. Johnstone. He might have his limitations but thats 6 rather than 2 points and they were good finishes. An important player to have in the squad. Think we should cut this team some slack and just support them as they push to get over the finish line any which way they can.
  5. I have the same medals fixed to a senga murray large canvas print of ibrox called made in govan and I am really hoping a medal is produced for 55 to extend the collection. A big medal with the management and squad names on 1 side and the trophy and final league record on the other for example.
  6. Great win. Superb goal. That pitch is a farce and made it almost impossible to play good football. Only slight downside was Aribo who is really frustrating to watch. He just seems like bambi on ice and is late to most things including an unhelpful habit of not tracking back quickly enough.
  7. I am going to put my Rangers top and scarf on and have a day session in Swindon, if restrictions allow, which has a big contingent of celtic fans. Ideally would have liked to come up to Glasgow, book hospitality and watch us win the league but that is not going to be possible I suspect.
  8. Very poor performance. Pace of our game is way too slow at present and the midfield of Davis, Kamara and Aribo is not fast enough or strong enough. Lots of players off form but Kent and Hagi should have been replaced at half-time. Giving players 5 to 10 minutes seldom works.
  9. No we need to beat Motherwell next week, then Ross County at home and Hibs away. If we do that we will take some catching. Would like our midfield to be a bit more solid to be honest. Great result today.
  10. Fantastic result. A very difficult game to watch. Alan McGregor was fantastic. 3 outstanding saves in the first half and the save from Griffiths where he touched it onto the post was worthy of winning the match. We need to be signing someone for the midfield who has more power and pace and can tackle. We are lightweight in that area.
  11. Just watched that Edouard tackle. Straight red no argument. Also st mirren should have had 2 sent off for elbows on Barasic and Goldson. The bias is laughable. If Rangers go out and tear the arse out of what is a poor celtic team I am going to enjoy the fuck wits response.
  12. Having had a look at both the elbow on Goldson and on Barasic both should be retrospective reds. Deliberate and dangerous. Also Obika got away with a flailing elbow on balogun in the LC. that was in part caused by hesitation on the part of Balogun, but it was a foul and a booking. We need to sign a midfield enforcer to put the hatchet men in their box. We need a player to allow our good players to play. We are too light in midfield.
  13. You are joking surely. Not good enough. Need to find a much better holding midfielder in the window.
  14. Problem is Hibs, Aberdeen etc raise their game massively against us.
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