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  1. DJ would have gone close if not passed Super Allys total but while a great player he did struggle with his weight and was prone to being lazy. If Rangers had been more ambitious through all of his career ( we refused to spend money through John Greigs tenure as manager) he would have won more and scored more. A truly great player capable of playing centre half, centre midfield and centre forward but centre forward was his best position. 1 Ecwc medal, 3 league, 5 sc and 5 lc say no more.
  2. Morelos is a handful for any team even when not scoring goals and his movement means he will always have chances to score as he did in Belgium. He is a great player and he will score plenty this season provided our midfield can generate the chances. As Gerrard has pointed out we still need more going forward from that area of pitch. Let's hope the South African loan signing can provide more and stay fit.
  3. Great result. Next win on Sunday. Thought Bassey was solid and Roofe what can you say about that goal other than brilliant.
  4. It is very straightforward this season. Win the league any way you can. Step in the right direction today. No further analysis required. One happy bear.
  5. My favourite Rangers player growing up. John Greigs biggest mistake as manager was splitting up the Derek Johnstone/Gordon Smith partnership after 1 great season by moving Johnstone to centre half. Also made it more difficult for Davie Cooper to contribute. How can you take that decision after a treble season where those two scored around 60 goals ?
  6. We all realised how Livingston would set up but we also suspected how Rangers would set up. Very predictable. His post match comments suggested he was aiming for a 1-0 win. I would replace Gerrard now with the hope we can bring in a manager who can set up to play more positive football, sign a couple of key players and hope he can get much more out of this squad. He has been well supported in the transfer market but allied to his 1 dimensional tactics he has presided over far too many very poor signings.
  7. This was my first game at Ibrox. Was down at the front of the Copland end. Attendance was 92000. Also recall celtic going out to that Dean's penalty miss against Milan. Great night.
  8. RIP Tom Forsyth. One of my all time favourite players. Used to go and watch Motherwell in the late 1960s/early 1970s before I was allowed to travel to Ibrox. Tom Forsyth and Peter McCoy were part of a very good Motherwell team.The year I started to go to Ibrox was the year we bought him for £40K for the 1972-73 season and I will never forget the centenary Cup final and that winner from 2 yards in front of 123000 fans.
  9. Could not agree more. Better midfield and a proper captain or we can forget it. I would sell Tavernier. He is simply not good enough in defence and not that great going forward either.
  10. I would like a midfielder who can run a football match like Barry Ferguson and one who can tackle with a bit more authority than Jack/Kamara /Davis/Aribo much like John Greig in his day who would also provide the captaincy. £20 million probably not enough. Seriously not sure who they should buy for the midfield but the current players will not cut it.
  11. I don't think Alfie is trying his best. He is much better than he is showing although I do think there is an issue with lack of bottle in the team and unless we address the midfield and the captaincy we will win nothing and Gerrard will be gone. We need the £20 million to strengthen the midfield and would be great if we could find a leader for the team.
  12. Against Aberdeen he did produce a nice pass but like most of the team over the 90 mins he was average and today he produced zero. We have alternatives lets use them.
  13. Morelos thinks by going through the motions he will help his drive to leave. You cannot have players not giving 100%.. He needs to warm the bench while we give our new players a run out. If someone comes up with the cash great but until then he fights for his place and based on today he does not start in my view.
  14. Morelos is worth at least £20m and we should hold onto him until we get the right offer. We now have more options up front. Based on his contribution this season he should warm the bench .
  15. Ryan Jack is an average player who would be OK as a sub for a good first 11. A bit like the level of water carrying type players such as Robert Prytz or Ian Redford from the 1980s. Needs replacing.
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