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  1. I don't think most of the clubs that voted to go ahead with the season really expect to be able to see it out under the current conditions . From what I've seen , it's not only the fans gate money that is a problem , but more the fact that changing facilities are very limited , players are changing in cars ffs ! but all the other conditions regarding testing etc are all costly and time consuming for a set up that relies on volunteers (mainly elderly ) giving up their time . If the bigger set ups like Talbot , Pollok & Arthurlie have decided that It's not worth the hassle for little t
  2. I'm sure that was the new year game 1985 .
  3. First Old Firm game I attended , 12 years old in the Centenary Stand , still have the ticket and programme up in the loft ! I can remember more about this game than many of our later victories over them , that's probably due to the alcohol that accompanied those wins though .
  4. Take it you missed his games at Centre Half (the position he was bought for ) then ? Walter preferred Svensson over him until he could get Weir and Ehiogu signed . Fair play to him for reinventing himself at Left Back , but for an international player he was on a par with Russell Martin at Centre Back .
  5. I'm the same mate . I don't know for sure yet if I will get to watch the game due to work , but if the e-mail had come in over the weekend then I would probably have felt a bit guilt-tripped into buying it , even if it was only the last half hour I was catching . I think most of us would rather give the Club the money rather than Premier especially given the improvement in RTV's coverage this season , but I can understand why people will use a free stream under the circumstances .
  6. Has the Club sent out e-mails though with details of how Thursday's game can be purchased through the RTV live channel ? I would have thought that doing this would have been an obvious way to try to boost the numbers accessing through the Club . Considering some of the guff they mail us about , then it seems that the Club are missing an opportunity , I don't even recall Tom the commentator trying to drum up interest for this during Saturday's game .
  7. Charlie Miller IMO is one of the best examples of " What if " or " What could've been " regarding players coming through the youth system . One of the best I watched at Youth level , and didn't look out of place when he broke into the first team but sadly never reached the level that his undoubted talent should have warranted . Neil Murray is someone who's contribution as a utility player during the 92/95 period goes under the radar . Walter seemed to prefer his steady , unspectacular style in a variety of positions . Never outstanding , but always reliable would sum him up , for me .
  8. Aye mate , pretty sure we were fed the line that all the main points of the MyGers scheme were the result of positive feedback from the focus groups !
  9. His ex Southampton team mate Perry Groves told a great wee story in his book , about how Terry and some of his "family" dealt with a bit of off the park hassle that Terry received during his time there . Bags of " Tools " and pub doors being locked put an end to the problem !
  10. Souness > Keane > Robson . Would say that even if I hadn't had the pleasure of watching him strutting his stuff in a Rangers shirt . Also could teach Keane a whole new level of shithousery
  11. A top class player , his partnership with Barry Ferguson in the treble season was a joy to watch . Kent , Hagi & Aribo need to be giving us the same sort of goals from the midfield if we are going to seriously challenge for trophies this season .
  12. Jim Forrest , 1965 . Makes me feel old when yours is Mo !
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