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  1. You better hope that @Terry Hurlock Loyal doesn't look in this thread mate , or your door will be coming in at 4am
  2. Fair play to the Southampton board for keeping faith with the guy as well , would have been easy to ditch him after the Leicester result . I hope Ross Wilson has kept his contact book from his time there .
  3. He done really well to re-invent himself at Left back , but in the position we signed him to play he was brutal , the performance of him & Hemdani as centre backs against st Johnstone in the league cup at Ibrox was the stuff of nightmares . No wonder Walter brought in Weir & big Ugo , in fact before they arrived , he preferred Svensson .
  4. Never got to grips with the physical side of the scottish game , but he was a better centre half than the other one that PLG signed that summer .
  5. We stopped playing Michael Ball during the helicopter Sunday season due to that clause , but IIRC the player was owed money from Everton , so he agreed to waive that in order that Everton dropped any claim on us , and enable him to get back playing .
  6. Did we not get rid of the guy who was in charge of the medical (Stewart Hillis , I think ) ? Pretty sure it was Advocaat who insisted that the deal was put through , probably for a Euro deadline .
  7. Oleg Kuznetsov . Looked every inch a world class player in the pre-season game he played against us before he signed and also his debut against st.mirren . After his recovery from injury , he just seemed happy to see out the remainder of his contract without contributing too much (goal in the 4:2 game apart ) Boli was seen as the marquee signing that summer , but never really showed the sort of form we had expected , probably not helped when Walter thought it would be a good idea to play him as a wing back in the AEK match . Several others have struggled to live up to reputations gained e
  8. We all were mate , never realized at the time how good we had it !
  9. Quench & Temper for me , but 3 or 4 of our bus committee worked in the ConCast .
  10. I stopped going on the bus about 2001/02 when I started taking my daughter and we were getting a lift from my mate , but the Club were only occasionally running 2 buses by then . The club is still running a bus , but has been through a few splits in membership since then . The RSC I'm a member of now had roughly 35 members last season .
  11. I was similar mate . Night shift in the Clydesdale , first I heard about it was when the first of the day shift started drifting in about 5:30 with copies of the sun , IIRC no other papers had any inkling . Sat up for hours waiting to hear news bulletins before it was confirmed . A few hours later I was off to Belfast for a few days so never got to see the full meltdown from the tarriers in work I was told later though that the ones spouting the most vitriol about it were the guys who "don't bother with fitba" but loved to give out shit ! Some of them have never recovered from that period .
  12. I think our supporters club only dropped about 3 or 4 from a membership of about 70 ( we were running 2 buses to home games at that time , sure we had 3 at the cup final that year ) so I would agree that most match going supporters while possibly having some regrets , viewed Mo's signing in the way you described . I remember the testimonial at Airdrie when there was talk of a few guys having a bit of a protest , but I'm sure the media present that day got nowhere near the reaction they both wanted and expected . As you say , signing Trevor Steven and Mo took the squad up another notch ,
  13. Top class striker and great signing , his all round work-rate and enthusiasm when playing for us was a pleasure to watch as well as his finishing . TBH , I was disappointed when Walter allowed him to move on , but history shows that the form of McCoist & Hateley in the next few seasons meant it was the right move . I seem to recall that Walter was interested in bringing him back a few years later when we had a few injuries , can't remember if he was at Hearts or Falkirk at the time ! The fallout from the tarriers , and the memory of some of our subsequent signings who followed him ,
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