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  1. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that the 2 fan media outlets that pushed the "no interest" angle , were ever present at Ibrox last season , despite One's main contribution being pictures of his fucking packed lunch .
  2. Successfully defending the League title has to be the priority , and hopefully another decent euro run as well . Any other time , I would agree that the League and a Cup should be the minimum we look for , but given the financials involved not only for us , but the other mob as well , then adding another title and pulling further away from the rest will do for me . Won't stop me moaning like fuck if we repeat last seasons Cup debacles .
  3. There was an article years ago in the old Follow Follow fanzine regarding this , seems it was just some random supporter who made his way into the photos of the celebrations An original Karl Power ! A few guys all named the same boy and what bus he went on IIRC . You can just make out big DJ's perm behind Sandy and Tam Forsyth's arm .
  4. I would just have assumed that the present incumbents on the Board who were willing to play the long game , in order to get the Club at as low a price as possible , would be able to see off a supporters group who have never been a particularly popular bunch since the RF/RST merger . Any influence that C1872 had is diminishing with every share issue and they don't seem able to generate the influx of new members that would enable them to have the clout they once had .
  5. I get that mate , but why now ? C1872 's relevance is diminishing with nearly every new share issue and there's no chance of them raising anywhere near the required amount to purchase DK's shares , especially under the current set up IMO . They certainly don't seem to be any threat to the status of the existing hierarchy .
  6. I don't think Dingwall was ever serious about being elected , and this is all about exposing the current C1872 boards shortcomings ( which shouldn't be too hard ) and also having a few subtle digs at Chris Graham . The big question for me , Is why now , and who stands to gain most from all this ? It certainly won't be for the benefit of the ordinary punter who pay into C1872 .
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