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  1. Are you on Crack WTF you talkin' aboot?
  2. No cheek intented Bundy Boy. A loyalist mashup is entidled as Anyfin. Am bowin out now. Peace .Uncanecetedyayaaaaa
  3. I would hope not or we are really fucked. Play us a toon Bundy Boy stope bein' so Coy
  4. You rely too much on markkets. The market is innafcient. This is RANGERS
  5. Setting him up for bashing. Whats for bashing? Think for yourself man.
  6. You learn from your mistakes young man,WATP
  7. Lets give CG a job after all he stood up against our enemies. John Brown stood up against our enemies and will always have my respect
  8. Close with your prediction last week BP but Falkirk are on a good run just now and playing on astro turf is a ngative imo(would love to know our stats) A scrappy low scoring game 1-0 Rangers.
  9. I thought this was a thread about changing the words of TBB.and thought suerely you must mean hypocrisies.
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