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  1. Are you on Crack WTF you talkin' aboot?
  2. No cheek intented Bundy Boy. A loyalist mashup is entidled as Anyfin. Am bowin out now. Peace .Uncanecetedyayaaaaa
  3. I would hope not or we are really fucked. Play us a toon Bundy Boy stope bein' so Coy
  4. You rely too much on markkets. The market is innafcient. This is RANGERS
  5. Setting him up for bashing. Whats for bashing? Think for yourself man.
  6. You learn from your mistakes young man,WATP
  7. Lets give CG a job after all he stood up against our enemies. John Brown stood up against our enemies and will always have my respect
  8. Close with your prediction last week BP but Falkirk are on a good run just now and playing on astro turf is a ngative imo(would love to know our stats) A scrappy low scoring game 1-0 Rangers.
  9. I thought this was a thread about changing the words of TBB.and thought suerely you must mean hypocrisies.
  10. Aye I think you're right. .I thought it might be Gregor Stevens more to do with what he did, rather than looks.
  11. Could be Tanner. Dont remember him too well. I think he was fast
  12. Hearts youth were a lot better than ours. Most of them had been capped multiple times at youth level. I think its a big jump to suggest our kids would have been as good as Hearts youth if we had kept playing them in the first team. Tonight our youth team got spanked by Hibs 4-1. Our team included Aird,Gallagher and Crawford.
  13. Seems a risky strategy. Will they handle the pressure of such massive games(playoffs) A bit more of a mix and match is required I think.
  14. Law received the ball in space out on the right in a great attacking position and I knew he was going to take the easy option and pass it back the way. I dont mind players losing the ball through trying something but Law often gives the ball away when not trying something. He is a no bad finisher when in and around the box but lacks the vision of a player like Scott Allan who I would like to see at Rangers.
  15. Was wondering why Scotland The Brave was being played a lot. After checking Cliff Hanley on wiki turns out he wrote the words. Useless info but there you go. Eastbank Academy,Shettleston
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