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  1. Aaah.This thread is about youth. Failed many an exam by not reading the question properly.
  2. We needed the board to invest in some decent players at the start of this season but through their mismanagement of our finances we were skint. We had to make do with what we had which was not good enough to waltz through this league.as many thought. QOS won the 1st division by 25 points and no one expected them to win the championship they finished 4th. Looks like we will do something similar.Allys biggest mistake was bringing back Boyd we were crying out for a midfielder or two.
  3. i thought Wallace was looking a lot sharper at the start of the game in fact I was happy with everyone but then a few slack passes and things just reverted back to normal after about 15 minutes, How many times have we looked quite good early in games only to grind to a halt and never recover.
  4. McCulloch 8 4 McGregor 5 5 Law 4 5 Black 6 4 Wallace 6 6 Temps 3 6 Boyd 5 4 Shiels 4 5 miller 8 5 Daly 6 5 This is how I rate these players. First figure mental toughness(very important for a Ranger) second figure general ability; I would say if you play 3 players without pass marks in mental toughness the team will fail. A line up that includes Temps,Law and Shiels may look good on paper but when the going gets tough they cant be trusted. The manager takes this into consideration I'm sure and thats why the likes of Aird 7-4 is ahead of the more skilful Barrie Mackay 4-6, I have little doubt the Newcastle guys will have more ability than most of our own but there is no way we will know if they can handle playing for Rangers when we are under so much pressure they may all be 3-7s
  5. No I mean the tactic of keeping it on the deck and cutting out the long ball tactic which is a favourite moan of many.
  6. i think they called that option a transfer. You could sneak in by going along the old railway and jumping over between the centenary stand and the celtic end, There was always a steady stream from about 2,30 onwards all backs to the wall making their way slowly along a ledge before getting to the jumping in bit.. My old man used to take me to the main stand, match days were the only time I seen him wear his good coat. Once we took our seats he would fold the coat for me to sit on so I could see better he'd then have a wee dram or two and we were ready for the match..Someone brought up the main stand stamping their feet which made me smile. As a wee boy I really looked forward to getting a corner for a bit of foot stompin'
  7. Did we play the right tactics today and if not what should they have been?
  8. I came from broomloan rd between the wine alley and the roundabout and even though I was just seconds from the ground it was like being behind enemy lines. There was ira graffiti everywhere I used to cut through the wine alley on my way to work someone painted smash the h block across about 3 roofs. I sometime wonder if the Rangers end at parkhead has a staunch protestant area behind our end.
  9. Would you be happier if he called it the smelltic end. What did you used to call it?
  10. Maybe Billy Hills knows he wont be playing, Hmm
  11. A circular gap would appear in the middle of the terracing and more than 1 gap when it was really tense but to be honest it could happen in a run of the mill game against Morton. It was just like a massive boozers and fights are gonna happen. Aye,them were the days
  12. Aye. probably went to the last 20s before I ever paid or skipped in,cant even remember my first game which annoys me. The game that we went down to 9 men and Roberts was in goal I was listening to it on the radio with the windae open and the atmosphere was electric as soon as we scored I was off, 2 minutes later I was in the enclosure and got to see Gough's equaliser. Even though I diid not see the full game I was there for the best part and remember it more clearly than many other old firm games I've been to. Very rarely would you go to the last 20s and not see a goal.
  13. Ok. I admit the keeper does boot it down the park too often and he's no Peter McCloy. The football has been awful since Div 3. Ironically the only game I can think of when we played really well was the Motherwell game when SHIELS had a fine game and LAW was playing against us. The Dundee utd game away when we went out the cup with a wimper was a telling moment we should have known then we needed better players. The thing that irritates me most is the stick and abuse the manager got and still gets regarding our tactics as if another manager like the mighty K Shiels would have us playing any better.Now MacDowell is getting it tight because he's 'not got a clue' and is a terrible coach. Maybe Ally has ruined this once talented coach he's ruined our talented bunch of players according to many..
  14. Can you think of any more examples of whole teams that has been ruined by poor coaching or are we the exception?
  15. Would not surprise me if he was picking the team. Llambias only said that the board were not picking the team.
  16. Over the past 3 years we have watched this team struggle. When Daly comes on as a sub I agree we go long but for the most part we try to play the proper way we just lack the ability to carry it out and resort to the humph. A radical idea would be to adopt the tactics Jack Charlton used with the Irish back in the day. The players were not the best bunch at international level but the tactic of getting it forward as soon as possible worked for them. Forget the beautiful game and treat every possesion like we need a goal and we're in injury time. Humph
  17. Aird is very poor but he has pace and a good attitude I would like to see him tried up front alongside Daly he could maybe use his pace to get on the end of flick ons by the big man and drift out wide when thats required. I dont rate him but he would be the 6th man on my teamsheet every week which is pretty damning on the rest.
  18. We dont set out to boot the ball long it creeps into our play because the 'playmakers' like Law and Shiels run out of ideas and go missing. Tactics and formations are important but they are not the be all and end all PLAYERS are.
  19. I agree with a lot of that but what do you expect the players to say. As Jack Nicholson once said "the truth you cant handle the truth"
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