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  1. You're assuming the young players will improve if we play them am not so sure, Many young players look to have potential but never make it I think our best youth players may be in that category. If we do start playing loads of youth players we will go back the way in the short term and if they prove not good enough what then? We need to get our scouting sorted out,someone with a track record at finding hidden gems,such a person will be expensive but we need to find somebody quick.
  2. Wallace has been poor recently we are not the same team when he's not making his runs down the left especially now Lewis has gone.
  3. Surely you must except the players are awful and no manager will improve this team. Shiels and Templeton looked good signings but were they ever more than just flash in the pan types. Am sick of hearing about Blacks cup final performance he had a good game but we now know that was probably a one off against a very poor Hibs team.. I cant stand Nicky Law he gets the odd goal but never does enough in the midfield and is brushed aside too often. Macgregor is a favourite of many he stood out in a few games but thats more to do with being an average player amongst very poor ones. We needed signings badly at the start of this season and had to make do with Kris 'the barrowload' Boyd and Kenny Miller, Ally has to take the blame for assembling this squad but we should have stuck with him till the end of the season.. .
  4. They will probably be more talented than what we have at the moment but you need mental toughness to play for Rangers,just hope we've done our homework.
  5. The line up and system used had nothing to do with our defeat, When Ally was in charge he was slated for his tactics and team selection but the truth is our players have never been any good, The myth of us having the 2nd best squad in the country is now fully exposed. People will now be screaming for the youth to be given a chance but you have to ask why have they not already been played,the answer is not hard to work out.
  6. i thought it was perfect timing
  7. These questions must also have been on Ally's mind before the start of this season. Ally put a brave face on it but he new we were shite. We needed to improve our squad we get Boyd and Miller because we have fk all money . I hope we've heard the last of the new manager would improve this underpeforming squad.theory
  8. Aird is better defensively than Templeton which is what we will need in the first half..I think it will be a case of 11 men behind the ball and hit on the break, Set pieces will be important,we've had plenty of time to prepare so hopefully we have a cunning plan in place. It would be too much of a gamble to open up,if we can keep it tight,as time goes by they will get nervous. Looking forward to a gutsy display and a few renditions of the Great Escape theme tune as we soak up the pressure then hit them with the sucker punch late!
  9. I remember that game.Best was just about to take a corner when a beer can landed at his feet,he picked it up,gave it a shake then tossed it aside as if disapointed there was nothing in it
  10. You're right, didn't realise.(28 Oct) Chesterfield v Rangers Hey Chesterfield were no mugs btw they went onto win that cup
  11. Remember listening to that game on the radio,3pm kick off no live tv them days. Good memories looking forward to watching the highlights afterr Starskey and Hutch My first was 2-2 at Ibrox 1979,cant find any footage so the first Rangers victory I witnessed was this
  12. Zallukas can play in midfield he must have issues if he's not getting a game. I'm at a loss trying to figure out wtf is going on. Anyone still spouting the theory a different manager will turn this squad around?
  13. There wont be a good performance tomorrow,no chink of light. The confidence will be at an all time low going into the semi final. If am absolutely honest I would trade promotion for a victory.I really would. Beware the sleeping bear Grrrr
  14. A scrappy ugly game is our speciality. I think Aird might be key. A ball over the top in the last minute Aird outpaces the defence and strokes it home for a 1-0 win
  15. Looks a bit lightweight middle to front but I suppose its something different. I've thought for a wee while now that Hearts are better than us. Do you agree with Aird that we have the better squad?
  16. I dont read the papers unless somebody highlights something of interest on here so forgive me if am not up to speed. We are probably looking at a 3 year plan to get scouting and the somewhat over hyped coaching staff put in place. Thats what the new manager should be given to get us in decent shape for the return to the top division. I would except this if we could see improvement in our play and youth given more of a chance. Of course I want to get up as soon as possible but devoloping the team should be the main priority. Hearts did not plan to blood there youth they were forced into it and through more luck than judgement it has put them in poll position. In defence of Ally I dont think our youth are good enough and he new this. Hearts have struck it lucky in many ways they seem to have an abundance of decent young players and we dont. I like Barrie mcKay he's a bit too upright when he runs and does not have any dig(lewis did) but I would persevere with him. The other lad with Raith Rovers has shown very little in any game I've seen but on here you would think he was the missing link to all our problems. Nah our youth are not very good.Scouts to find better youth and cheap gems abroad thats the priority or forget abroad unless they are really really really convinced he is a player.
  17. Both brilliant but Coop for me, you could argue he had a longer career because pace and athletisism were not his main assets. LAUDRUP 424 games Cooper 667 games
  18. I seem to be arguing and quoting myself. Time to move on me thinks.
  19. I resorted to the truth in my first post on this thread.
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