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  1. He has repeated numerous times that leaving us was the biggest mistake he ever made in football. You ever made any??? Anyone who lived thru those never to be forgotten times can have nothing but love for how he transformed our club and the superstars(the like we will NEVER see again!) he brought to Ibrox. The very best of times. Get well soon,legend.
  2. Is it as wet and windy up there as it is in Norfolk? If so,I don't think Zelalem should be anywhere near the starting line up. I question his desire and fight and don't think he's earned a place in our engine room. Doesn't really matter as we'll still have far too much for Alloa. 6-0 to the PEOPLE.
  3. No way. As we're in this shit division there is still hope. Tonight was a sore one but we now know we can trust McFadden to put the numbers up. Just keep the emphasis on the run until TR is ready. Romo will be back for the Miami game and he'll still have enough games to get us to the promised land.
  4. Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas? Would love to see them import their terrorist tunes to that part of the world.
  5. Strange comment. A Rangers legend speaks highly about the fans that helped him enjoy his best spell in football.......what's the problem? For the record,I was at a meet and greet of his a few years back and,in a room full of Spurs fans{I was the only Bluenose}he answered the question "who are the best fans you have played in front of" and,with the whole room expecting the answer to be them,he said RANGERS.{think about that.......better than his hometown team, better than some mad Romans!} He seems a very genuine guy.
  6. Done it many times in the old days. Needs must. The only time it kicked off was at Fir Park in a cup game. We were 2-1 down when Juke Box equalised right in front of us in stoppage time. The three of us went mental and we had to smack our way to the exit,helped by a steward who was also a Bluenose.
  7. KEIRAN Gibbons,ex Aberdeen.........all the ingredients for hate and jealousy right there. A face only a priest could love!
  8. If you keep reading it's about 50/50 on there. Lots of Mackems accepting he has different beliefs(one even saying he bravely(WTF) stood up for those beliefs whilst at the SOL and wasn't supported by the club!!!) These people need a history lesson. They should maybe start at, fairly,nearby Warrington! Of course this piece of shit can have republican views but support of the bombers and murderers of British soldiers,women and children can never be an acceptable viewpoint if that person wishes to live amongst us.
  9. Always despised it,mate. How would the same fans feel if the players downed tools around the same time?
  10. Nah,don't want a headed goal. I keep updating my English mates on how many goals we've scored and that they've all been on the deck and that we're the real advocates of "total" football. I'll take a header when we meet the tarriers in the Cup(will Ambrose's own goal count tho??)
  11. Rolls Royce of a player. Class act who deserved more time on the pitch,imo. Very sad news.
  12. Gonna have to make do with my TV screen this week after being at a stadium the past 2 weeks. I was at the opener at Miami's new stadium. Pity this stunning stadium is going to be half empty for the foreseeable future. They are a mess. The new guy better hit the ground running! Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Superdome and although my Cowboys lost a sensational game I must say I will always have a soft spot for New Orleans. Their fans live and breathe their team and they(and the 10K or so Cowboys fans!) produced the noisiest sporting occasion I have ever been present at. Already planning my next visit!
  13. No problem. I'm doing a trawl round the betting shops of Great Yarmouth tomorrow to see what's on offer.
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