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  1. Think you can have 2 wild cards that aren't registered. Or something to that effect.
  2. Ched Evans was later found not guilty, was a young guy with his career ahead of him, and it hasn't exactly blossomed since. Griffiths is a has been, who was already given his last chance at this level. Even if there's no prosecution he's finished.
  3. I doubt it. He'll have been offered a low basic wage with bonus incentives to stay fit and motivated.
  4. I think his wife is from here so I don't think it's completely out of the question. The money's obviously a massive incentive to stay there.
  5. I would guess he's talking about staying for for the euros
  6. It's the other New York team, and they've only ever paid more than that fee once, so I seriously doubt they are spunking it on a dud with 3 goals in 18 months playing in a shit league.
  7. Wimbledon with Dave Bassett went from 4th division to the old first division in about 5 years. Graham Taylor did a similar job at Watford.
  8. If they really believe it's a stone waller then they'll appeal the booking. Still waiting on that.
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