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  1. There's 7 weeks left in the season and he's back training. I think he'll probably play sooner than that.
  2. Wimbledon with Dave Bassett went from 4th division to the old first division in about 5 years. Graham Taylor did a similar job at Watford.
  3. How about Ings to Man City? Southampton have a fantastic record of developing players and selling them at a huge profit.
  4. It’s no even real. It’s a still image behind her.
  5. If they really believe it's a stone waller then they'll appeal the booking. Still waiting on that.
  6. https://www.discogs.com/The-Premier-League-2-Feat-Billy-Rankin-Championi-Rangers/release/3208433
  7. Norwegian league doesn't start back until April as well.
  8. That'll be some trick. We're 18 ahead. It will be 21 by Saturday.
  9. Buffering like fuck for me tonight. Has been fine all season.
  10. All things being equal, if we beat the scum then we're 17 clear with 15 left to play for.
  11. 83% career conversion rate. Harry Kane is 85% Jamie Vardy is 84% Ronaldo is 86% Messi 79% Even the best miss penalties. His penalty record is excellent.
  12. The three days leading up to the second were the worst on record for new cases since the pandemic began. Everybody was expecting increased restrictions except for Lennon.
  13. One that he clearly doesn't understand the meaning of.
  14. Those players won't have been tested until their self isolation period was over, so in effect it justifies the decision to isolate the 13 players last week. That's not to say it could still have spread further but if it's one other case then it suggests not.
  15. Frimpong and the keeper started the cup final a few weeks ago.
  16. One game is all that's required for it to be possible. If both teams win every game up to then and we win the lead will be 17 with 18 left to play for.
  17. I would have thought sensible would have been not to have a player who has just suffered a serious knee injury, limping through airports, onto and off of two 8 hour flights in the space of a few days, in the midst of the worst part of the worst pandemic in a century. I'm no health expert though.
  18. You can't just get vaccinated. It's not privately available.
  19. Madden sent Jones off for less.
  20. That's not a decision. It's a mechanism for making a decision.
  21. The vote was just the mechanism for the decision. Saying a vote is a precedent is a bit like saying court is the precedent in legal terms.
  22. Indirect free kick An indirect free kick is awarded if a player: plays in a dangerous manner impedes the progress of an opponent without any contact being made https://www.refchat.co.uk/threads/high-foot-in-the-penalty-area.3502/
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