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  1. They literally did, it was in their last accounts.
  2. Can @admin give those of us who are double vaccinated two ticks instead of one and set up a new subforum please so we don't need to hear from the plebs please? K thnks.
  3. We won't, unfortunately, because he's a decent keeper.
  4. True. Although I don't think anyone can argue his distribution is not as good as McGregor and a way less good than McLaughlin.
  5. His distribution doesn't suit a Gerrard team so unfortunately I doubt he'll ever be his first choice keeper, but his saves were outstanding today.
  6. He was outstanding today and I really like the guy, but he's not and never will be a first choice right back. Tav and Patterson are miles ahead of him in that position.
  7. Good to see @born a blue nose pontificating about what should and shouldn't be acceptable on an RSC when the cunt can't even get himself to Ibrox. Disgusteng.
  8. Once the Stadium Bowl WiFi is working properly I'll be going fucking mental.
  9. Yes mate a farce. So as things stand as of today potentially 2 years GCC can tell us no to full crowds. Madness. Anyway, game time. Mon the Rangers.
  10. I'm double jabbed, want to get out of this shit ASAP and as far from a conspiracy theorist as possible. But I'll bet you £20 to the Erskine fund there's no full hose for Malmö or The Celtic game, simply because of GCC and their pettiness. Would be delighted to be proved wrong BTW.
  11. Yep, as of now no end date. Farcical.
  12. It's live. Although you need to be outside the UK AND Scandinavia for VPN purposes.
  13. A complete nonsense. Outdoor events over 5000 people will need permission from local authorities indefinitely. They genuinely haven't set an end date in the legislation when this requirement to seek permission ends. So we rely on Glasgow City Council to give us permission to hold every home game at full capacity. I think you can see where this is going.
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