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  1. Fair play, you can only talk about what you see. The people who reported to me were, in Indian terms, in the top 1% of earners and were mostly all graduates. I only ever had a positive experience over 4/5 years and if anything while working there I felt like a king rather than anything else.
  2. I'd counter that by saying I went to India with work pretty regularly for about 5 years and the guys who worked for me were some of the best people you could imagine. Far harder workers and way more diligent than their counterparts in the UK. They actually took me to a cricket match in Pune which was a phenomenal night out and an atmosphere that was Incredible.
  3. Dave McPherson, Alan McLaren and Allan Johnston at Hearts? Jim Bett, Theo Snelders and David Robertson at Dolly?
  4. Personally I think people going to celebrate at George Square are entirely fine however I've hidden some posts to stop the childish insults spoiling another thread.
  5. I'm going to block all talk of going to George Square, don't do it! Ach, carry on, fuck it but don't shout silly songs but anyway plod will care about the songs in the place we're not allowed to go. Disaster.
  6. Worked fine for me. The content on match days has been superb btw. Obviously they had to step it up because of VST holders but generally it's been extremely good with pundits and overall production.
  7. Hiya pal. Sorry to be a pain but Gerrard and 10 days? Apologies for having to ask, again.
  8. That's after a close contact of a positive test, or if anyone had a positive test. That's not happened at the club, even after the 'party'. Where was the 10 day thing mentioned by SG, pal?
  9. Hi pal. Where did you hear about 10 days self isolation? Can't find it?
  10. What 10 day rule? He's not been asked to self isolate or tested positive has he?
  11. What was the deal with the GK? Have they had previous at a different club?
  12. According to @eskbankloyalthe club didn't see any issues. Surprisingly given early feedback IMO.
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