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  1. I remember seeing a picture with the spirit of Davie Cooper hitting the ball into the net, gave me goosebumps! Atmosphere at that game was outstanding, I was standing the full game right behind the goal halfway up, cracker!
  2. BF1 was outstanding as usual, gets better and better for us every game.
  3. Section was oustanding tonight as was BF2 & 3. 'Well Bois' were pathetic all game.
  4. http://willievass.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/260912-Rangers-v-Motherwell/G0000yxR46tfBhvU/I0000OG1H4HaabKU/C0000.tk.HrUXgPw Picture of UB display before kick off.
  5. Was UB that did it. Motherwell group did a banner against us last season regarding us not going to be in Europe and them were, that was our reply to it using their 'Andy Capp' lad in all the banners. Last one was our UB Lad asking Andy Capp where our postcard was from their small European adventure.
  6. Of course, every club has their gloryhunters. However I see Div. 3 a bonus to see our atmosphere come back to where it belongs.
  7. If we stay in SPL I will not be attending away games but will still watch the team at home. If we go to Div. 3 then I will attend both home and away games. Bring it on.
  8. Roll on Div. 3, this is when the proper away days begin and watch the SPL crumble at the same time
  9. IMO they should keep the 5 stars away from the badge, and the badge is massive classic retro style. Looks the dogs balls.
  10. And that is how a Ger celebrates! Jig did a big job for us yesterday!
  11. Glad this worked out, had to go for a pint afterwards as a lot of energy is used laying out cards
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