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  1. Outstanding statement from the Rangers board, probably the best I have ever seen! It's almost as if the board asked D’Artagnan to write this statement, venting the pent-up frustrations us supporters feel after years of ‘dignified silence’. Whoever did write it, take a bow! Now that this longstanding boil has been lanced we must keep pressing our case. We cannot go back from this new line in the sand. It appears that there is almost universal support for this stance within the Rangers community so let’s galvanise this feeling and push forward against our detractors. Names have been me
  2. Superb game and excellent performances from all the boys in blue. For me, Black and Wallace were outstanding and really dictated the play for 3/4 quarters of the game. Well worth missing a night's sleep to watch that!
  3. The sound and pictures are great on the official Rangers TV source so it must be the relay. When did we get the score and time graphics? Never noticed that before but long overdue. Happy 140th Birthday Rangers, now give us some goals for our present!
  4. Sitting in Perth, Oz watching our fantastic fans with the cards celebrating 1872 does your heart good! What a club, what a support - the best in the world without a doubt! WATP - We welcome the chase!
  5. Done and sent to all the Bears and sensible thinking people on my Facebook contact list.
  6. Thanks El Carpintero Now settled down with a beer for a late night Sunday in Oz to watch the Gers with BBC Alba and Overplay smart DNS. Here's hoping the BBC servers can handle all the traffic in 15 minutes!!! C'mon the Bears
  7. Unbelievable! Just when you think you have seen it all Reagan and Doncaster reach new depths of stupidity and corruptness. Will someone of note please make a public stand and call for the heads of these two clowns and bring this charade to an end!
  8. Having moved away from Scotland, I have not experienced first-hand the day-to-day developments of the excruciating attempted destruction of the team I love. Instead, I have kept quiet about all of the goings on, using this forum as my primary source of information from the other side of the world of what was happening to us. God knows, the Scottish media have been a collective shambles in trying to report impartially (!!!) about what was going on at Ibrox. Hopefully we are now reaching the end of this indefensible witch hunt in which the hatred and malice shown to Rangers has left me absolutel
  9. This decision by the SFA is an absolute outrage. It is time that Rangers and Charles Green assembled the best legal team available and challenged this through the real legal system, not some kangaroo court operated by a silly little football association. These sanctions have never been carried out against any other Scottish club in Administration or for not paying their taxes, so this must be a form of descrimination. Also, there must be some technical point that can be taken to the ECHR that this sanction is illegal as it is a restriction of trade against footballers wishing to play with Scot
  10. Radio Scotland talking about Fraser Forster being man of the match! Aye, right ye are!!!
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