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  1. Settle down FFS the team is still new and after today i bet you they will be obsessed with turning this around. The defence is a million times better than it has been in years. We need a midfield that can compete thats got to be the goal going forward
  2. Shagger is back!!! A far better option than what we have
  3. Without a doubt the entire team needs changed. We actually need some quality in there at the moment we have none at all
  4. For the money he has spent and the players he has signed I would be surprised if we could actually sell any of them! When we were relegated to the 3rd division it was an ideal opportunity to start from scratch build a young footballing team create a scouting network but no it was lets sign all the old shite we could find! Andy Robertson signed for Dundee United even though he played against us why didn't we see him I just cant get my head around what the hell has been going on! McCoist is a disgrace IMO if he had any respect for the club he would just forget it and walk away give up the pay
  5. We need a new manager asap someone who has good tactical knowhow and an eye for a player! A full coaching team also that can help the player progress!! Then a scouting network I personally wouldn't want to see this shower of shite in the premier league we would be in the bottom half for sure!!!
  6. What a load of shite!! I was a ST holder for a long time and this year I couldn't renew due to work commitments etc. Im still a true supporter but to be honest this is the worst Rangers team in my lifetime and im not shocked that people aren't going! There is no entertainment at all the match day experience is appalling!
  7. I struggle to watch us these days! The teams a fucking joke! The boards a fucking Joke! We may as well shut up shop and just give it up unless the board fuck off and we get a new manager asap! McCoist has damaged the club for years to come!!!
  8. Get every single one of them TO FUCK! Total joke now we need a new Manager asap with a good footballing brain and eye for a player!!!
  9. I could not agree more with this! McCoist has ruined the club for years to come. We have no scouting network and the players coming through that were promising have been shipped out. I don't understand why this has been allowed to happen. We need to get them away now and move forward with a manager who has tactical knowhow and an eye for a player!!!!
  10. When we were demoted to the 3rd division we should have maybe signed 3 seasoned professionals a CH,CM and perhaps a striker (Proven goal scorer) then surrounded them with youth players given time and the right coaching team they would have flourished! Instead McCoist spent a fortune on absolute SHITE ageing players that are worth NOTHING!! In our squad we currently have 2 maybe 3 players that are actually worth something the rest are on high wages and worth nothing!!!!
  11. Has got to be better than the shite we currently have!!! A new management team please that actually have a clue would be nice
  12. Worst Rangers team in my lifetime!!! Simonsen is possibly the worst Keeper I have ever seen McCoists signings have been a joke from start to finish
  13. Please please please Ally just go now you have done far too much damage to the club! We have suffered enough watching that pish you call football!
  14. Please please please Ally just go now you have done far too much damage to the club! We have suffered enough watching that pish you call football!
  15. I cant face watching under McCoist any one else would be gone by now
  16. Anyone would be an improvement on Ally he is the worst manager I have ever seen!!!!!!!
  17. Watched him numerous times over the last 2 season and he is a fantastic young player being ruined by Ally and his stubbornness to change his system complete and utter joke!
  18. I really cant even watch it now! Ally McCoist is a Rangers legend but by far he is the worst Manager I have ever seen a the club! Now is the time to move on and get rid IMO if not this will continue for years to come watching utter pish week in week out horrific signings with no sell on value
  19. I would take him back in a heart beat! But then how much truth is in it? IMO we need a huge clear out of some of the shite McCoist has signed over the last few years
  20. FFS What next? McCoist has no clue at all! We need fresh younger blood not journeymen in for one last pay day
  21. Change of circumstances in my job and I will be working every Saturday during the day now
  22. St for sale Copland road rear £200 pm if interested
  23. Not impressed by the home and away i like the 3rd kit best
  24. Bell and Clark are good signings IMO Daly is past it! And Law we will need to wait and see how it pans out he is a very good player however Templeton etc was a good player until our coaches got hold of him
  25. From the video he looks horrendous! Just fouls everyone this is not what we need IMO
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