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  1. Unfortunately not. Most of the Profits were used to pay off outstanding transfer fees for players like Kyle Lafferty, Steven Davis, Edu and others. However what this means is the clubs finances on a monthly basis will be in far better shape and im assuming that we will be lean enough to be making a profit without the CL cash which is the position the club needs too be in
  2. GTF they struggled against us at porkheid and that was us with a seriously depleted team we are at full strength now. There defence is fucking awful we should be taking serious advantage of that. They struggled by a stinking Dundee United team that we pumped 3-0 and 7-1 in the space of a couple of weeks.
  3. Disgrace they should be given a hefty fine for this. The SPL need to get there house in order on this sort of thing starting with St.Johnstone and then onto Motherwell for the state of that pitch it makes us look like some sort of sunday football league set up
  4. Thats an absolute disgrace. St.Johnstone should be fined for it
  5. The £8mill we used to pay off players which we would have been paying on a monthly basis anyway so what it means is the payments will now be spare and it will mean the accounts will look even better. So effectively the club will be paying out less and bringing in the same which will mean the end of year accounts will show more profitability
  6. I really dont see the need for us to sign any CM's as we already have Thomson. McCulloch, Edu, Davis and Ness. We need wingers and a RB i would personally prefer to see us sign players from out of the SPL as they are over priced and majority are awful in europe.
  7. I have a horrible feeling Davie Weir will sign a new deal at the end of the season and will be a first team regular again next season dont ever say that again please :anguish: Im telling you with all the hints Davie has been dropping about playing as long as he cant etc and the fact that Walter will use him for every game at 39years old. I can see it happen
  8. I have a horrible feeling Davie Weir will sign a new deal at the end of the season and will be a first team regular again next season
  9. Lafferty really gets me so angry honest to god he just gives up too easy after coming off the bench against Hibs and doing well he was back to his same old cant be arsed self tonight. Thought Smith did well at LB shold get a run as he hasnt put a foot wrong in the games he has started in recently. Boogie was fantastic as ever i think we should have given Wilson a game instead of Weir.
  10. I wonder what the full results will be at the end of the financial year???
  11. So with an operating Profit of £13mill then we should be sitting with the debt at around £20mill or so at the end of the season. Its not as bleak as the mhedia are making out
  12. I still remember his interview on the CL weekly round up program. Saying that his favorite stadium is Ibrox at that point i knew he would be a Rangers player at some point soon. He was probably one of the best strikers we ever had.
  13. I would like to see Ness given a chance TBH
  14. I would love to see us sign Belhadj we should be looking at players from Africa etc that we can get bargins
  15. Saw him a couple of times at Dundee last season and he looked the business on the wing
  16. When will they learn to keep there big mouths shut????? honestly they are a total PR nightmore which is a massive bonus for us lol
  17. This man is the biggest WANK in the whole of the UK and thats saying something. He needs to get a grip of his self and stop flapping his gums to the Mhedia. I cant stand looking at his baldy old puss fucking timmy scumbag bastard
  18. So true most of them are doing really well
  19. TP Mazembe expect their star striker Tresor Mputu Mabi to move to a European club in June. Mputu had been tipped for a move in the January transfer window, but TP Mazembe says the clubs were too late with their bids. Mputu has become a prime target after leading DR Congo to victory in last year's inaugural African Nations Championship (CHAN). He also captained the Lubumbashi club to their first African Champions League title in almost 40 years. Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers are one of the clubs to express an interest in signing Mputu, according to club spokesman Eddy Kabelu. "They say th
  20. He is obviously trying to put himself in the shop window as his contract is up in the summer.
  21. I would love to see them progress to the first team in the next few years. Totally agree that youth is the future of the club
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