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  1. I think majority would renew but after this season and the standard of football we have been serving up I can see a dramatic drop in sales!
  2. Good god I'm fed up listening to Ally's pish!
  3. Couldn't agree more with you on this one. If people don't want to renew so be it!
  4. Fuck sake Ally! Your never a manager in a million years face it!
  5. Just can't justify an increase after the absolute garbage we have been served up week in week out this season IMO! I have been a season ticket holder for a long time and am seriously considering weather or not to renew! I don't know if I can go through that again
  6. Now only Cribari and Black to go!
  7. Glad he is gone TBH! The guys pish and has been a waste of a wage
  8. I would take the wee man in a heart beat! He has genuine love for the club i firmly believe that if he was signed before the troubled patch he would have stayed
  9. Depending on the increase now Tbh I don't know if I can take another season of this utter shite!
  10. Food in Ibrox is utter pish end of!
  11. And losing to Annan wasnt? Drawing at home to Elgin and Montrose also and majority of the season! We need a proper manager that will go through these players like a dose of salt IMO. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and we deserve better than this absolutle SHITE!!!!
  12. I think we will be lucky to get a point today TBH we are asoultely fucking absymal!
  13. This is Dire! i would have thought we would have come out and went right at them in the 2nd half but FFS its just got worse
  14. I just find this painful to watch! We have professional players playing against Plumbers, Shop workere etc and we are struggling! Its our tactical game or lack of it. Faure in Midfield while McCulloch is at the back and a CH Hegarty at RB its baffling!
  15. The fact that we are paying the guy £4500 per week then £5500 next season £6500 the season after and then £10,000 in his 4th season fuck me this guy isnt worth £500per week IMO needs punted asap!
  16. There is a massive difference Davie Weir was and still is a class act Jon Daly ISN'T Fact!
  17. Why not do it now? We can afford to lose a few games in sfl3. Tbh I'm fed up listening to his utter pish these days
  18. Ballocks! A preseason will make absolutely no difference to Ally IMO he just hasnt got it! Week in week out we watch what can only be discribed as "total fucking shite"! This is not going to change IMO. The though of him signing 1 more player frightens me. Daly being banded around screams out we havent got a fucking clue who we should be looking at IMO. Starting in SFL3 was our chance to restart young players with a spine of experience but what have we done? Signed utter duffers and pay then a fortune its just not worked and will not work until we have a manger who can motivate players an
  19. Yes but there needs to be changes we are simply not good enough!
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