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  1. That's crap and you know it just as we'll as I do! Ally isn't daft and he saw an opportunity to make himself unsackable which he took. The soon everyone accepts he is never going to be the man to take us forward the better! We need someone that can get us playing decent football ASAP
  2. IMO we need someone that can motivate the players and get them playing decent football! Ally is not that man
  3. He is a businessman! If the crowds dwindle and our football is shite then he needs to sack McCoist
  4. I think we will struggle in Div2 we are fucking struggling in the bottom division as it is! We are going nowhere fast under McCoist
  5. Good god are you serious? The thought of giving Ally millions to spend fills me with dread! His signings have been absolutely abysmal Bedoya, McKay, Shields, Sandazza, Cribari, Black, Kyle and Ortiz Its been a complete and utter shambles from the start with Ally at the Helm! Just walk away please Ally do us and you a huge favour
  6. I completely agree with you on this one.
  7. Horrendous player should be released at the end of the season.
  8. Ally is completely and utterly clueless! Time to move on IMO. We need a proper manager and coaching team ASAP
  9. Fuck me surely there are better players available to us than that donkey Daly
  10. FFS this is a joke! So we get served up pish week in week out and thats it as long as we win the league we should just sit and take it??? I think not we pay money to be entertained and on the performances i for 1 am not feeling very entertained
  11. Anyone that is a truely Loyal Ally fan surely must see that he just hasnt got it! The fact that we are even entering into talks with Jon Daly fills me full of dread. He is a target Ally has identified as someone he wants! We must be looking at better players than him surely he is a mediocre journeyman at best definately not Rangers calibre not even div 2 Rangers!
  12. Would have Jordan McMillan back from Dunfermline. Hertz dont really have anyone that tickles my fancy
  13. Our scouting network is a complete and utter joke! When we entered into Div3 that was our time to completely start from scratch new scouting system new youth set up and bring through young players on a constant basis. Instead we signed a pile of old shity SPL journeymen and garbage players from the continent! Ally just dosent seem to have a clue and his back room staff seem to be the same its the blind leading the blind IMO
  14. This sounds like a fucking horrendous move to me! This also shows the fact that we have NO scouting going on we should be using these few years to identify good quality young players to sign not donkeys from the SPL
  15. I really hop that this is not the home top for next season its RANK!
  16. Worst sponsor EVER! We need to completely move away from them and this is not moving away from then as both Magner and Blackthorn are owned by C&C they must think we all zip up the back
  17. It was an absolute disgrace the way the guy was brought in and how close it was to us going into administration! I'm sure under the right circumstances he would have been a good player for us
  18. Purely on ability i would take him back! I didnt like the way he left us but unfortuntely thats modern footballers for you
  19. Delighted with this move TBH! I think he is a fantastic keeper and can be as good as McGregor if not better with the right coaching
  20. This would be a fantastic move IMO. He is a cracking shot stopper. We just need 2 good CH and a RB then we should be in a good state at the back
  21. What i think today has shown is that McCoist has absolutely no control over the team and the way we play or no clue! McCann said he thought we had 5 or 6 unfit players playing which to me is a massive concern this needs fixed asap because we are fast becoming a laighing stock!
  22. Good god McCoist realise you just dont have it and walk away now!
  23. IMO Kane should have been getting a chance with us and without a doubt he should get a chance with us when he comes back
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