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  1. Andy Little IMO shoudl be played as a striker through the middle he would score a bucket full of goals he is a very good player on his day and for some reason is not getting played in the middle by McCoist
  2. I couldnt care less as to who our kit supplier is as long as we get more money than we do currently same as the sponsor.
  3. You and i must be going to different games all i have seen this season is long ball pish and we have struggled to finish off teams. Black has been a huge let down in my eyes, Kyle has also done very little and i really cant see his contract being renewed for next season. Stella is a baffling one why sign this guy if we werent gonna give him a chance its Walter Smith all over again.
  4. Not a fucking chance IMO we would get murdered we struggle against pish 3rd division teams never mind the tims
  5. I like it hopefully we have a new decent sponser to go with it
  6. YOu have to look at it this way if the stadium was renamed and we got £4 -5 Mill per year that is money we have never had before and we would be less likely to ever be in the postion we were in last season ever again. Also i agree that it could buy us a good quality european player every season without haveing to budget for it
  7. Firstly i am delighted that we have survived the whole situation of last season. There have been postives and negatives but on a footballing side far more negatives IMO. Postives Share issue Season ticket Sales/ Crowds A CEO who finally stands up for us Negatives Terrible away form Horrendous football constantly some very poor signings in the summer (Stella, Black and Kyle) Loyalty is a fantastic thing but if the product on the field dosent start getting better then i only see our crowds dwindling.
  8. I always believed that we should stay in Scotland but after recent events and the whole ludicris recontruction idea i would support fully a move to the conference. A higher standard of football more income better players a win win in my book.
  9. I think he should just go. The pish we are served up week in week out is an actual disgrace! His tactics are awful weekly and today his substitutions were baffling taking off our arguably 2 best players in MacLeod and Hutton and leaving on Jig who was clearly struggling with something.
  10. Absolute joke! He should just hand his notice in right now we shouldnt be losing to any of these teams
  11. Davie2909


    I have been saying for a long time Ally just hasnt got it! He needs to step aside now IMO
  12. Billy Davies would be a good shout IMO. Ally as much as i love him he needs to go asap the guy is a joke as a manager
  13. Thank fuck he is gone! :party: :party: :party: :party:
  14. TBH i was hoping to see us sign only a few players and see guys like Hutton, Cole, Perry, MacKay, McLeod, Hemmings and Naismith play a more prominent role in the first team this year
  15. IMHO Ally isnt the man for the job he has been a fantastic figurehead and kept the fans together during our exceptionally hard time. But lets face fact he is not a football manager and IMO will never be we need a manager who is tactically aware
  16. Although im not convinced of McCalls managerial abilities i do believe that we need something to change and it needs to happen asap
  17. Even against East Stirlingshire we were played off the park most of the first half!
  18. Would happily let him go he is clearly not interested anymore!
  19. Why do we keep lookng at Midfielders and CH's? Is McCoist playing to play an entire team of Midfielders and Defenders? We need creative players wingers etc
  20. TBH McCoist as manager has been some what a disaster so far! If it doesn't improve rapidly then he needs to stand aside and let a more experienced manager take over
  21. Fed up of this utter pish! We have players who are supposedly 3 leagues higher quality and we are struggling WTF! Our tactics are utter shite get it fucking sorted McCoist
  22. £200,000 lol thats hilarious. Would be a fantastic signing but cant see it happening
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