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  1. Lol we should apply for the Conference in england just to fuck them up now
  2. I wonder how much they will be selling for and how many in a block etc?
  3. Bunch of Wankers! They can't fund their own team never mind all the SFL clubs ha ha ha ha ha ha fucking idiots!
  4. Totally agree its beyond a joke now
  5. No need to be a dick about it! Im expressing my opinion
  6. Im just fed up with all this pish now i just want to know what division we will be in next season and i would prefer to know it sooner rather than later. Nothing is quick with the SFA fucking jokers!
  7. How can he possibly apologies for past wrong doings? It wasn't him doing them fucking idiots! And how can they impose sanctions on us for signing players when its not even in the SFA rules book To survive in the SPL we will need to boost the squad a bit so effectively they are handy capping us in a massive way doing that.
  8. I would piss myself laughing if he failed the medical lol
  9. Get them all signed up asap!
  10. So far then only McGregor Whittaker Ness McCabe Davis Fleck Ortiz Lafferty Naismith are the only ones to go? I hope they all fucking rot
  11. I would be glad to see the back of the big fanny to be honest
  12. I would have respect for them if they had transfered over to the newco them asked to leave at least we would get a fee that way but i will never forgive them for the way they have all deserted us in our hour of need!
  13. Fuck off! They are greedy bastards end of!
  14. Who cares now? I don't we will complete and win next season regardless of the players we have because we are THE RANGERS!
  15. Fucking scum! Hope they rot in the Championship
  16. I have truely had enough of this shit now! This needs to end and end now!
  17. Under TUPE rules they must be offered a position on the same terms as the old company!
  18. Im sick of all this shit now! Move on SFA/SPL enough is enough
  19. I wonder if sporting integrity will come into effect when they go into Administration?
  20. Totally lost here but what are they looking to do? Are they wanting to go down the Newco route or are they talking about paying off all the debts?
  21. Charles Green has done absolutely nothing wrong and there for should not be demonstrated against! He put together a CVA to which the HMRC were reportedly always going to say no to unbeknown to him!
  22. Sell to who? Its a listed building so they cant rip it down its practically useless to anyone bar us! Ridiculous story IMO
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