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  1. Hi John have you a new E-Mail address.



      Still the same bud, you been trying to contact me? 



      I've changed to bt but still got the same email at the moment.

  2. Hi mate The Booler was asking when he can get back on to the board. Iam sure you said his ban was up.

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    2. minstral


      Thanks mate

    3. gogzy


      tell him to log out and log back in,  see if gthat worked?    his ban should be up :lol:

    4. gogzy


      :lol:  he has been unbanned,  not sure why it didn't happen automatically.


      peter says to tell booler to behave himself haha :lol:

  3. Hi mate if you google Sportsmania it will tell you all about it. You can sign up for 6 months at 26 pounds or 50 pounds for 1 year. You get all the Sky and BT channels, plus the Rangers TV, and all the Pay per view stuff all in HD and the quality is really good. They have alsso brought out a new one called Ultimatemania, which gives you all the Sky channels plus all the sports and all movie channels. Think that is 75 per year which is a great buy. All you need is amazon firestick or Android box, then Sportmania send you a password and download their app and that is you sorted. It is the best money i have ever spent.

    1. born a blue nose

      born a blue nose

      Fuck me that sounds brilliant mate! I will definitely sign up for this (tu) thanks bud

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