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  1. Sad news about one of my heroes. When you think Eric played 407 competitive games for our club, and was never booked once. Also Eric never scored a goal from open play and was first Rangers player to represent his country at world cup finals. Eric is what you call a true Rangers man RIP.
  2. Our club turn to the dignified silence when it comes to our traditions and culture, yet the scum across the city are not afraid to shout and promote their culture.
  3. Clarke hates us and would not come near our club, one of the biggest scum lovers you could meet.
  4. Some people have to remember that we nearly had no club left to follow. We will get back to the top and still have great faith that our manager will be the man to get us back to where we belong.
  5. Walter was fantastic manager who also made mistakes.
  6. We have some amount of managers on this board. We should all be employed at football clubs instead of posting on football forums.
  7. Take a good look in the mirror, calling our manager a cunt, shocking comment.
  8. Lovely gesture shame we could not name it The Edmiston Drive and Manticore Boardroom and Financial Section. Manticore was a top class poster to our board from the early days who died, he was a great Rangers man.
  9. Sad news another loyal Rangers man gone.
  10. Awful news and ED was a loyal Rangers man, he was one of the old school fans. Must say i am shocked by this sad news, and hope he can fight it.
  11. Also thanks for posting your pictures about our club.
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