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  1. That is shocking for anyone to even think that, Walter bleeds blue blood.
  2. Never ever have i heard anyone say that Walter is not a real Rangers man.
  3. Are you not moaning about people calling Walter names and yet it is okay for other people to call fellow bears the same names that you are on about. Some of the names Walter has been called on this board were disgusting and i even started a thread about it during the season. Plus someone said he hopes he dies and another said they wanted to stab him, but those people are sick in the head, but calling fellow bears b------s is just as bad in my eyes.
  4. You are out of order using language like that about fellow bears.
  5. Can everyone just not be happy and celebrate our title win.
  6. Always have been and always will be.
  7. What we have learned is when we take the game to other teams we look a good side instead of defending on our own penalty box.
  8. Will football get back to normal next season where we can enjoy our football again instead of the darkside complaining about referees or our songs, or all the attacks on our club. Will Lemmon and his club take a step back and behave as normal people do and just get on with football. Was fantastic to win the title but glad that the season is over after all their behaviour. So does everyone think that they will behave next season or will we have to go through all this pish again.
  9. Good luck to him and let us hope we stay with our attacking style of football.
  10. What i will say is we now are seeing a different style of football by a Walter team. What a different team we are when we attack teams instead of the negative boring pish that we were having to watch. We were giving teams to much respect instead of it being the other way around, and our style of play was driving the younger fans away from the game. For a while there my grandson would not sit and watch a whole game as he said he was bored and that hurt me. Walter has many faults but deserves great credit, which he does get, and will always be a Rangers legend and i just can not believe that we
  11. I have learned over the years to take nothing for granted until it is over. But to throw it away now, i do not think that i could recover from it.
  12. More pish about drugs and expected it to be a made up story.
  13. You should be careful what details you post as the darkside will be watching.
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