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  1. minstral


    Some people have to remember that we nearly had no club left to follow. We will get back to the top and still have great faith that our manager will be the man to get us back to where we belong.
  2. minstral


    We have some amount of managers on this board. We should all be employed at football clubs instead of posting on football forums.
  3. No matter what we all think, if he scores the winner against the scum, we will all be cheering.
  4. His agent is a liar, how strange that he managed to a ticket next seat to his uncle.
  5. Once we get rid of him he will play the victim card, he will claim because he is catholic the fans never gave him a chance.
  6. We all know that Murty is never a manager, but would the 2 players not have been better having a go at the players who played. Fact is Murty never told the players not to try, and stand off the scum players, and let them stroll around the park. All our players were cowards and have let down all our fans. Also being older that some of our fans, i have seen plenty bad players, but at least they tried, and never shat it from Scum teams.
  7. Sad news. and hope he pulls through.
  8. Can mind many years ago this topic reached over a thousand posts on this forum.
  9. Auld went over the ball and meant to cripple Davie, he was always a dirty little clunt.
  10. We beat them 8-0 away then 10 -0 at home.
  11. Had Hamies for a few weeks, and so far it has been top class.
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